Shadow Work

Will you ask for your power back or reclaim what is yours?

I woke up this morning thinking about one of the many inverse conditionings that exist in our current day thinking. Whilst we no longer live in an inverse reality, the corrections from living there are on going, and will be for quite some time.

I’m contemplating how an untruth is interwoven into our collective social awareness and how it can land up dictating the norm to humanity.

For example, we all came from a past where authority was in charge, as a collective (not necessarily as an individual) we enjoyed that because it meant we did not have to be responsible in every area of our lives and were able to hand much of this responsibility over to others. In a sense we outsourced our responsibilities as individuals and nominated a group of people to became world authorities. For a while this worked and external authorities such as law makers, schools, banking institutions, governments, etc were there to serve the people and make their lives easier.

In time however, we were given the opportunity to see if we wanted to take back that responsibility. Humanity however, was not ready. So the Universe conspired to lend a held a helping hand and help us see what an unworkable situation we had co-created by placing others in positions of power that we weren’t equal to. Part of this plan was to highlight the potential for how external authority can “go rogue” and over reach and possibly even encroach on our sovereignty.

Thus the reach of schools, bankers, governments and law makers began to encroach more and more on our personal freedom so that we could realise we had acted out of alignment by appointing them in the first place. To return the power to the people would be challenging for both the ones who were currently under the illusion of power and those currently under the illusion of having no-power. Both sides imbalanced and needing to come back into alignment. The perfection of where we are can never be overlooked. We now find ourselves in a time where humanity is asking for their power, in some cases demanding it back.

I support that fully, but I also am aware that it is not a fight for power when you recognise your own personal authority. When you do, you realise that it’s in no one’s power to give it back to you. It was never theirs to begin with. Therefore, the way of the peaceful warrior is not to demand their power back through blood and battle, but to take it back, gently, lovingly, powerfully. They would never need to wave it around like a flag, but to wear it every day as the fabric of who they are in their essence.
Autonomously. Absolutely. All-Knowingly.

At that point the fight between law makers and civilians is over, because people stop asking for power back, they simply and effortlessly take what is theirs and reclaim their rightful selves so that they can be the totality of who they came to be on this planet. In such an instance there would be relief on all sides and the imbalance correct. The relief may not register on the human level for some.

Those who are still wanting to be led by heavy handed authority will find the coming times harder and harder to bear. Such is the nature of being in stubbornness and refusal. Those who are still wanting to be in authority over others will find it equally difficult. With or without their participation, the world has changed and continues to change. This transformation gains momentum with every passing minute. The Earth is being fed by cosmic light, something it has been starved of for eons. Whilst the earth was in darkness it could not upgrade itself and those upon her could perpetuate darkness. This is simply no longer possible, there is a river that cannot be held back, that river is the universe and its direct interaction with Gaia is reclaiming her daily to itself.

Your unclaimed power lies in the shadow, most often people feel fear at the prospect of doing shadow work but I feel excitement because whilst there can be some very authentic moments in there, YOUR GREATEST LIGHT IS HELD IN THE SHADOW along with your greatest power that could not be embodied, along with the magnificence and divinity you did not know were yours.

Join me for the magical replay of Shadow Work, it’s yours to watch time and time again, you can reach back to it whenever you feel the need and each time, embrace more of your own light. You are born for this. It’s time to be whole again.

With love
Kerry K