Stepping out of the Story

When we step out of our story what remains is love, also known as THE REAL YOU.

But stepping out of the story is not conditional. It does not mean that you let go of your story but still cling to the animosity you have towards your next door neighbour for steeling your peaches that time, or the pain you felt when you dad didn’t attend your school play and you felt abandoned, or that time when you were trying to show off in class but landed up falling and everyone laughed.

Stepping outside of the story is an unconditional event, no part of that old identity remains.

Let that sink in for a minute.

The memory remains of course, but the emotional charges associated with the memory are absolutely unequivocally released and when that happens the memory becomes irrelevant. There is you need it but otherwise, very little association with it. Can you imagine that, can you imagine the enormity of letting go of your story. That unconditional disentanglement from the story is what it means to shed the ego.

I teach this in my Pineal opening course called Higher-Heart-Higher-Mind. I once had a participant who, directly after the class sent me a message saying “…if only I had a way to heal all these physical symptoms because I live with such pain everyday…”. I asked him if he had taken the class in and he said that he had, every word.

And then it hit me, we can nod in agreement but until we are ready to truly choose ourselves then we will remain attached to the story and can even create a new story about how unattached to the story we are. For this is the nature of the ego, it seeks to outsmart, it seeks to stay alive, it seeks to remain in control when you are the rightful representative of the true self, it seeks to cloud your vision and fill you with confusion about who you are and when after all that thinking, your ego reminds you that it’s ok because nobody understands you like it does, then it has succeeded in forging just a little more longevity for itself for it knows that it’s only a matter of time until you wake up more fully and then eventually, fully.

Your heart is the only place that your ego has no control and the only place where you can choose to let go of your story from. So live in your heart, choose from there and be free to be the full multidimensional gift of mastery that you are.

with love and respect
Kerry K