The Ascended Self and DNA

Recently, someone asked me about my upcoming course called “The Ascended Self” and the role of DNA as we ascend.

Here is part of my reply to her, I share it here as it may be helpful to many

…we are not created by our genes but rather, the creator of them.  We are not encoded by our DNA but the ones who have forgotten that we can speak directly to that DNA and encode it.

In the still silence that exists within us, we find our mastery.  In the still silence that we have forgotten to listen to, we learn how to hear our own wisdom and within it, the language that we used to command sound into structure, and light into form.  As we gain access to the Creator Self who lies in that field of silent stillness, we are reminded that it is not our DNA that created us but rather us that encoded it.

In this course (The Ascended Self) we will be going to the place beyond our DNA, beyond all matter and all form.  We will be going to the place where we seeded our own creation and where DNA itself responds to the essence-self that we meet there.

Further info on DNA:

DNA is approximately 5% ancestral, and the remaining 95% is multi-dimensional soul ancestry.  We have been cut off from being able to access the soul ancestry so we have been led to believe that it is “junk” and it is that small 5% that we have been led to believe we are at the mercy of.  In truth the entirety of the DNA is a multi-dimensional communication system meant to both relay as well as transmit information.  Because it is bio-photonic it is capable of being not just a repository of soul lineage but also an access point through which high dimensional communication can be expressed from outside that closed system.

The DNA responds to signals given to it and we respond to our DNA, or at least that’s how it used to be.  Because we have been living in a closed system, purposefully designed to separate us from our wholeness and create the illusion that we are at the mercy of our inherited genetic programming, we have forgotten who we are. In this course, we will be remembering the fullness of who we are, and the domino effects of that ignition of memory will not stop at the DNA level but continue to ripple into the furthest reaches of our numerous embodiments to create more and more opportunities for wholeness to occur.

Living within all our DNA is untold potential for diseases, yet we do not have all of these diseases, only the propensity.  As we gain access to more of our multi-dimensionality, we begin to create an environment where those disease-possibilities are simply not met, and where in their place new potentials catalyse and create a truer representation of who we are in our wholeness.    Each disease that we have or have had, is an opportunity to solve, resolve or dissolve something in our ancestral line that has been out of balance, as we gain access to more of our higher nature our bodies begin to express this and in turn, disease becomes more and more irrelevant.

Does this have a ripple effect on others?  Yes, to those who you spend a great deal of time with, but especially those with whom you share genetic lineage.   All members of the genetic lineage exist in a state of entanglement, meaning that one cannot be separated from the other, the all is contained within each individual of that lineage.  Therefore, you become a catalyst to those who share your genetics.  Those with whom you share your physical ancestry (past and future) may or may not share your soul ancestry but because of the physical genetic link, they will be exposed to your body’s ability to access and receive the higher octaves of your souls ancestry, and by sheer genetic similarity, be able to do the same.   A 100th monkey sort of effect.