The Patchwork Person And The New Human

I just had to share this profound insight from the New Human Course that one of the amazing participants shared with me. Barbara Coughlan from Zimbabwe was one of the 77 participants on the New Human Course that we ran a few weeks ago. Barbara phoned me this morning with such a profound insight, that I just had to share it with you!
We were a truly global community that embarked on this 8-week course, we laughed, we cried, we grew together and celebrated accomplishing some monumental transformations, the sorts of things we could only have dreamed of before.

Until Barbara brought it up this morning, I had not thought to talk about “The Old Human”. We were so focused on The New Human and embodying the template of our higher consciousness that we did not look at the person who we once believed to be true. Barbara did, and what she shared with me left me inspired and in awe.

Firstly, she expressed how the course has been an ongoing daily exercise for her. I was so delighted to hear that she had used her own initiative and rather than wait for the next course, she was actively seeking out ongoing transformation. When I see this level of personal responsibility in someone, I know that they have truly gotten it.

Secondly, she explained to me that she had a vision of her “Old Human” which she described as a patchwork person. Much like a patchwork doll made of bits of fabric, except this was a human being put together by patches of old beliefs. Some of those patches were old self constructed beliefs, others were people’s expectations of who she should be. All of these patches had covered the true self with a false persona, a false sense of identity which was once masquerading as the truth.

As Barbara continued on the course, the patches began to fall off and what was revealed was a diamond light crystalline being on the inside. This was The New Human which is available to each one of us. The New Human is the essence of who you already are, but have yet to claim and in many instances The New Human is covered by patches of energy that are a mish-mash of old idea’s, beliefs and blockages.

Barbara runs a beautiful healing sanctuary in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe called Still Haven. There she anchors in light for her community and creates a space for all others to access their stillness and their New Human. Even when she’s not on a course, Barbara says “I’m on a course everyday”. She lives that way and actively puts herself in the front seat of her own alchemical transformation from density into light.

I loved hearing more about Barbara’s description of the crystalline being (The New Human) who was porous to such a degree that it appeared see-through. The crystalline being was empty, to put that another way, the crystalline being was not holding on to anything and was not able to hold on to anything as anything dense would simply fall away, there was nothing for it to stick to. I had a similar image when I felt my New Human take occupancy inside my body, it was so bright that it appeared to leave sparks in the air as it walked. We are all, invariably and inevitably walking a journey of alchemizing density to light. That’s how my friend Loria Ladd puts it, and she is spot on. We are the place where that alchemy takes place.

I hope that Barbara’s living example inspires us all to take higher levels of accountability to for our own personal journey. To those who feel called, I am making the Plasma Level of my Patreon Community exactly such a space.

If you missed The New Human and would like to do it as a self-study, you can watch all the replays and complete your 8 weeks of personal ascension in as much or as little time as you like. Fast forward furiously and complete it in 8 days or space it out over 8 months. Self-study allows you to move at your pace and return to the replays again and again. You’ll get to meet the past course participants who made the course happen. Each of them is so highly relatable and like me, you’ll fall in love with each of them in their own special way.

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