The Pineal Gland And Heart Connection

Since 2016 I have been sharing information about the Pineal Gland and it often attracts a lot of attention. People seem to have a fixed idea about how to activate it and what that means. There seems to be ideas founded on people thinking that an activated pineal gland will make them more psychic or somehow more powerful, perhaps even more wise and sentient. Not everyone realises that by becoming more powerful, more wise and more loving they gain greater access to their pineal glands capabilities. The pineal gland can also open naturally. It’s perhaps not meant to be forced open but to allow a natural opening based on the decalcification of rigid thoughts, beliefs and ideas. As we move energy in our body and create more flow, this energy will in turn stimulate the pineals opening. Instead of thinking of opening the pineal gland as one would open a tap, think of it rather as an existing stream of consciousness that you want to create a slip stream to.

Over the years, no matter how fanciful people’s ideas about pineal activation are, they pale in comparison to the true power it holds. The pineal gland is a portal, that no matter how hard you bang at it, won’t open unless the right combination of energetic alignments are in place.

Based on it’s location, neatly tucked in-between the two hemisphere’s of the brain, and a central part of the third eye complex known as the diencephalon. The pineal gland has come to media attention over the past few years, almost to the point of a pop-culture awareness, hinting at mystical and hidden powers centred inside our own grey matter.

Could it be?

Well the ancients most certainly thought so (and they were right)

Above you are seeing some illustrations of Ancient Egyptians attention to the mid brain, so much so that their most sacred symbols such as the Eye of Horus, when overlaid over the diencephalon, create an exact match to the proportions and layout of the third eye complex. It’s not that it was important to them, it was more likely that it was everything to them.

Below you are seeing some of the pine cone symbols depicted throughout our ancient and more modern times on this planet. The pine cone is a depiction of the pineal gland, so named for it’s likeliness to the pine cone. We are not the only ones to have an interest in this approximately 5mm long (about the size of a grain of rice) pine cone shaped gland inside our brain.

From the magical sphenoid bone where we can reset our entire body alignment the inner temple of Solomon

To the repair of our wings which is an allegorical reference to the brains ventricles, specifically the central or third ventricle, associated with the activation of our third eye and our angelic wings that stem from the brains activation. Note the butterfly wings if you look at the picture on the far left, a cross section of the brain showing the butterfly wings within the brain. If the third ventricle were not activated or in some way inhibited from spiritually connecting then the wings would have nothing to attach to and fall off. This is the case of the “fall of man” which was more of a genetic manipulation and less of a sinful wrongdoing on humanities part.

In spite of all this wisdom and information, no matter how studious or devoted a person might be, NONE of this will open your pineal gland UNTIL you calibrate it with an activated heart centre, creating a living bridge of light between the head and the heart. Beyond the pineal gland in the brain, is a very special and often ignored location within the heart that when we bring consciousness to it, ignites and restores our body to the original human blueprint. That is to say, the Divine-Self. At this point you move beyond an activated pineal gland and into an activated third eye complex (this refers to the entirety of the mid brain structures) in unison with the heart portal. The heart is a portal of consciousness all on its own and when we consciously bring this into alignment with the third eye, we can reform our human-angel body. Please join me if you feel called to at Higher Heart Higher Mind 2020. No special training is needed to attend, no spiritual pre-requisites, no test of readiness other than your willingness to go beyond the expanse of where you currently know your self to be and the commitment to meet yourself there. Each person works at their own pace, to discover themselves in a way they could never dream of before. This course is life changing and you are invited to 6 weeks that will transform your life in the most remarkable way imaginable.