The power of Presence

I just finished session two of my online course “Your Powerful Presence” and we spoke about the importance of being in our presence and occupying that space fully. I never brought it up in the course, but it leads me to an important question that I invite you to ponder, where have you been?

If not in your presence, where were you?

I can categorically state that humanity has not been there because if they were ascended would have happened long ago. So, the question is, where were they? Perhaps make it more personal and ask the question; where were we as a species and where we you as an individual?

The answer is really simple and it is this: stuck in an artificial reality insert we called “reality”.

I spoke briefly about this in the call, how we have been living in an AI field of information overload and forgot how to find our way back to our centre. That field of information accessed through the false matrix, causes such a disturbance in the energy field, some of the side effects are feeling anxious, frenetic, rushed, busy (even though you may not be able to produce fruits of your labour) and in a constant stress that fluctuates between manageable and unmanageable. It becomes a normalised distortion by the sheer length of its presence.

Then, when we lift that distortion by delving into our presence and claiming that space, we reimagine what it means to be human. We flood our cells with divine neutrality and become living examples of activated humans; powerfully creative, capable of expressing our innate higher intelligence, supreme wisdom, and the grace of universal love.

All this happens when we stop the rush of being human in the false matrix and engage with the stillness of divine presence. We are emerging as multi-dimensional-humanity and each of us is doing it in our own way.

Take a moment to connect today, a second to centre, feel the peace that already exists there and breathe some relief into your body right now. We are all doing this together. Ascension has begun, and the beginning looks a little messy as the old reality collapses and the new one, born from your presence, emerges.

Your Powerful Presence