The Roller Coaster of Life

Have you ever been on a roller coaster and loved it?  I haven’t!

I have only felt terror and unrestrained panic but I’m going to imagine myself as one of those people who throw their hands up in the air screaming in delight as they loop-de-loop and feel ecstasy pulsing through them.

Truth be told, by that stage, the only thing I feel is nausea. But for the sake of this conversation, I’m going to pretend. You see, if I were one of those people screaming in ecstasy, it would be because of one reason:

The joy I would be feeling would be as a result of me having abandoned the need for control.


Now when it comes to energy and emotions, I absolutely know and trust the thrill of forsaking control and feeling the ecstasy of the universe coursing through me when I get out of my own way.




When it comes to the physical body, I still have work to do because that’s where my nausea takes over.  That’s indicative of not feeling physically safe in the world and feeling the mistaken desire to protect oneself through controlling the environment.  My brain knows I can’t do that but it’s not going to stop my body from trying.  There is a deep-seated primal survival response embedded into my hardwiring that tells me that if I’m upside down in a little car with nothing but a seat belt holding me in, that I’m going to get flung out and meet my end.  To be honest with you, I don’t really have the need to change that – I’m quite happy being the person who won’t bungee jump, skydive, or roller coaster ride.


bungee jumping


But how many times have you thought of your life as the roller coaster?  Many!  Of course!  It’s a great metaphor for our emotional journey and the reason I’ve painted this picture for you today is to illustrate two points.

1) Maria, a member of my online community – the Plasma Light Tribe, inspired me with her sentence which you can read below. Maria wrote a stunning poem which I’ll share with you but there was one line that captivated me the most and it wasn’t even in the poem. It’s in the opening paragraph where she says this about the roller coaster:

I want to thank you for my first year in the plasma light tribe. It has been a roller coaster ride with beautiful ups and downs. These last few months the roller coaster ride has accelerated, and pure magic is staring to enter into life. Feels like I’m a treasure-chest full of secrets, wisdom, and love. Life is absolutely pure magic.

2) I want you to see that it’s our desire for control that causes the ill feelings of struggle and resistance.  And the need to control a situation means that you don’t trust the situation.  There cannot be a trust issue without a correlating control issue, and vice versa.


trust or control


In my case, many of you know that I was tremendously sick as a child and therefore, it’s harder to feel safe at the physical level (for me) than it is to feel safe at the emotional level.  For you, it may be the other way around.  I know for my husband, it is.  He will happily don a parachute and jump from a tin can in the sky screaming whoopie all the way down and experiencing a genuine rush of excitement while doing it.  It all comes down to what we trust.  I trust my divinity and I trust it implicitly and that allows me to trust energy, which allows me to trust emotions.  I trust that all emotions, when discharged, elevate me and grant me access to more of my divinity and I lean deeply into that trust.  Can you?

It’s perfectly understandable that those who have suffered through a great deal of childhood trauma will have the hardest time trusting and allowing life to flow through them unhindered.    The fight-or-flight survival mechanism got tripped because they did not have a safe container in which to grow and thrive.    The good news is that these trust issues can be overcome through energetic work and connecting to and releasing the unprocessed emotions that built up when the child did not have the capacity to deal with them.    The Plasma Light Tribe is a powerful energetic container where I provide the tools and energetic support for those who wish to go on this journey of healing.

There is a fear that we all have had.    It’s part of the false matrix.    It’s a fear of the bogeyman, the invisible monster.    It’s why we fear the unknown, because we’re not in control.    Control alleviates fear and gives the illusion of power.    When people say, I don’t feel deeply connected to my emotions, to myself, to energy, it’s because they are blocking out of fear.    Some people will go into a meditation and find themselves face to face with a dark shadow or being.    Many times, this is simply a manifestation of the unprocessed emotions or fear that hasn’t been faced.    And most people will then shut down the meditation, block the feelings that arise.    Cancel culture is a direct result of this desperate need to feel in control because of fear of another’s energy.    If there was no fear, there would be no need to block.

Run towards the thing that’s causing you the fear, not away from it. At some point, you need to let the voice of God in, the one that tells you that no matter what, I’m always going to be okay.    When you do this, you take your space back, you begin to own your field again, you start to reclaim your power.

I was so inspired by Maria’s beautiful sharing and what it led me to share with you, please read it a little further down the page.  I am so blessed to be walking beside the Plasma Light Tribe members who open my eyes every day to how magnificent humanity is, how wise they are, how loving and beautiful the world we are entering is going to be when we enter it more fully.



Maria Grönqvist
Plasma Light tribe Member


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