The Spiritual Significance of Solstice

Do you know why the ancients of our planet revered Solstice, why they built megalithic structures and monuments to mark that precise moment on the ecliptic plane when the sun would be either the furtherst north or the furthest south of the equator that it ever reaches?

The term Solstice denotes the sun being at a perceived rest point in the sky on both June 21st and December 21st each year, as the sun appears to stop and hover in the sky.  It signifies an extended moment where the sun seems to stop it’s usual path along the ecliptic and allows for an extended and direct connection between our planet and the sun.  In turn, that offers each person alive an extended window of direct access to the light that lights our world and the entire solar system.

During this time, lasting 3 days before and continuing 3 days after, peaking at the actual solstice moment, we have a direct, uninterrupted access to the celestial portal of light that is our Sun, that is connected to and fed by the Galactic Sun that is connected and fed by the Great Central Sun.  On this auspicious occasion we are connected to Source itself through these sun portals and as the sun “stands still” for long enough we are bathed in a celestial light we don’t normally have available to us.

Some people think of solstice only as a seasonal indicator as it signifies mid summer and mid winter depending on the hemisphere, but this view limits us to only the seasonal implications of solstice and inhibits us from seeing the powerful impact this has on each of us, and humanity as a whole.  We are direct descendants of light itself, reconnecting in a family gathering of light at these times.

As we each connect to the sun, we directly connect to the One Supreme Source of All That Is, God.

Furthermore, solstice reminds us not just of the prime source of divine light that we are directly connecting to, but also that we are that very light, incarnate in human form, awakening to to the truth of who we are.  Claiming our birthright as both godly and human, creative and divine, absorbing on this Solstice that we were not born for lack and struggle, but rather to stand in the abundance of the prime creator, bathed in the glow of our own true essence.

What can you do on Solstice?

The same thing the ancients did; stand directly in the sun and be illuminated by it, claim your divine light, claim your lineage as a direct descendant of the source of all light. Let the light enter your body on a cellular level. Feel it entering, activating your DNA, repairing you on a body-mind-soul level and creating a conscious connection between you and God/the One creator of all that is.

Rise up humanity! Rise up! We are the Ones we have been waiting for!

Standing in divine light
With love
Kerry K