The True Nature of Humanity

Recently I had a chat with my son Josh and he asked me what I thought evolving life looked like on other planets. How had they don’t it differently, or was what we were going through a “normal” part of a species on the brink of awakening.

He was shocked when I said that the chaos we see around us, whilst the result of human doing, is not natural or “normal” to humanity. If left unmanipulated we would not see houses built as boxes in rows, Tesla like “free-energy” would be the norm and healing wouldn’t be called healing because there would be no disease; it would just be called refueling or balancing or something that described being in resonant fullness with the Universe. In fact, we would not even be having this conversation in a language called English IF our species were left to evolve on their own.

In case like Josh, any of you ever believed that what you are seeing playing out in the collective is a result of some sort of natural propensity on humanities behalf toward evil and wrong-doing then I’d like you to reconsider. Humanity has been enslaved in the cleverest way imaginable, where the slave masters are never seen and always hidden and where humanity is left convinced that this is their creation and wrong-doing because deep down we’re not very nice people. I had a godmother who used to say “I hate human beings but I love animals” and she really did. She both loved animals because she saw their innocence but hated human beings, for like many, she saw them as the cause of suffering and destruction. She lost the ability to see the innocence of humanity. A species brainwashed and misled, manipulated and led into servitude by a corrupted unseen malevolent force that up until recently has been leading humanity to their destruction.

We are the awakening ones. Do not underestimate the power of what we are doing. We are the ones who are breaking the cycle of living in someone else’s creation and beginning to CREATE for ourselves. We are creating the HEAVEN we came here to live in. The truth is Heaven (5D+) has always been here, and not through our own devices but through being manipulated and coerced, we lost our connection to self and therefore our connection to our HOME which is not so much a place, but a state of being in natural harmony with our surrounds.

No we would not have created chaos, we would have created harmony because that is most natural to us. Love is our most natural state of being and the expression of our pure innocence is what we would see if that was all we were creating with.

I say this not to blame any unseen force for that is a waste of our time and a diversion. The simple truth is that we only need remember who we are now and live our truth. Yes, I am simplifying it, but that’s because it is simple and complexity is an old paradigm caused by egoic misperception of our purpose. We do not need vengeance, we do not need to “get even”, we do not need to expose anything except the magnificence of who we have always been.

No, you don’t need anyone’s permission. Yes, you are ready now. Heaven is calling and it’s calling your name.

HEAVENS GATE starts on 21 Sep 2019.