There’s a secret to The Secret



Have we stopped creating our reality?

This is an invitation to take your rightful place in your own life and in the planetary play that you are a part of.


Many of us remember learning about “The Secret” which, at the time, was a wake up call and a reminder that we create our own realities.

But some of us got confused, we became very literal with the idea of how we create our realities and started saying words like “I have enough money” and woke up to find ourselves “failures” at manifesting abundance when our bank account hadn’t suddenly tripled overnight.

After a while, like most new toys, we forgot about “The Secret” and started following people’s prophecies.  Now don’t get me wrong, we have some pretty remarkable people on the planet with some more than remarkable information and even I tune in regularly to hear their latest snippets of info.


In all of this let us remember that we create our reality, not mercury in retrograde, not Q nor Corey Goode, not Simon Parkes, not Cobra, nor the prophet down the road, it is not the cabal, no force of (good or) evil or anything outside of ourselves.  No matter how much we have invested in these people, or how deep our admiration for them goes, let us, out of love and respect be reminded that just like you and me, they are human, doing their best to convey high level info to us.  Let us support THEM and OURSELVES by taking our power back and remembering that WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, and live from that place.  Maybe you disagree with their info, that’s still ok, just don’t get caught up in the drama, come back to your centre and let us TOGETHER start re-creating powerfully.


Because when we access our ability to create, we become excited, we become filled with and energised by an uncontained thrill of exuberance and we remember that the very reason we came to this planet at this time was to be able to influence the collective consciousness of humanity.


So how do we do this again, especially since “The Secret” didn’t pan out very well for most of us.


Remember that when we born the very first language we spoke was that of emotion, we FELT our every moment and EXPERIENCED every nuance of it.  THAT is the language of the universe.  What we FEEL is what we manifest, not what we say or what we think but what the underlying feeling is.  Now that leaves a lot of us needing to Soul Search our way into a state of less frenetic and more loving vibrations but that is exactly what we are all capable of.

Speak to a friend, let it go, journal it out, contact me for a session, meditate, do whatever you need to do in order to remember your power and your ability to create from that all powerful place of FEELING.


GET EXCITED!!!!!  when you have no reason to be and nothing to validate those butterflies flapping in your belly, get excited!!  For one of the most powerful vibrations we can summon is that of excitement.  Joyful, thrilling, exuberant, uncontained powerful excitement.  Excited because you are alive, because it’s 2018 and because you are remembering that the very reason you came here to this life is about to play out.

This is such a fun snippet that reminded me to STOP WAITING AND START CREATING

with love and excitement