Universal Christ Consciousness

The Universal Krystic (Christ) Consciousness

Christ (not the biblical character) is a consciousness that our blueprint is attuned to. In our purist, authentic form, we are beings of Christ-Light and Christ-Consciousness. The true spelling of Christ is Krystic, it is the energy of pure God-Source-Creator-Consciousness. You are a Universal Christ (Krystic) Consciousness, as you read along you will be activated and reminded of your true potency and find yourself being given an opportunity to reclaim your own Divine Nature.

The Biblical Christ

Is not the being to whom I am referring here. This conversation is about the Universal Krystic (Christ) Consciousness that is an energetic connection between you and the Creator of all that is.

The Universal Christ

The Universal Christ is our true nature, it is what we are here to reclaim. Read through to the last paragraph to find ways of reconnecting with your own true, divine, nature, and enjoy the activation in reading these words.

“In the beginning was the word…”

The word Christ has a truly special origin. The original sounds of creation, also known as the primal sounds of creation, are Kah-Rah-Yah-Sah-Tah-Aah-Lah, together those make the sound Crystal, and Christ (Kryst) is an abbreviated version of that primal sound of creation.

We live in a matrix/hologram which was invaded by the dark ones, also known as the anti-Kryst. The dark ones are those who rejected their own Krystic/Christ nature.

Christ/Kryst nature is eternal, it does not die, it is of course connected directly to source and sustained by it. It is also the energy of creation and all who have it are imbued with natural creative abilities.

The dark ones unplugged themselves from their own Christed consciousness/godliness to prove themselves to be separate and more powerful than God/Creator/Source.

There was just one snag. When you unplug from your blueprint (Christ consciousness) you LOSE YOUR POWER TO CREATE, and you LOSE ETERNAL LIFE. You need to start consuming (which is different from feeding) others with eternal life in an attempt to sustain yourself, but you will never be full, and you will permanently be dependent on that which you consume to keep you alive.

They saw a way around this though. That was to create a slave race of beings, capable of creating for them. That is who we are but read on to the end to find out the bigger picture of this so called “slave-race”.

They are the “god” in whose image we were created. They are the genetic masters who hybridized our species. They are not creators, they are scientists. For us to be able to create we needed to be PLUGGED IN to our blueprint, at least in a small way, just enough for us to be able to draw on our ability to create but not enough to realise that is what we were doing.

The Reversal System, aka the Anti-Kryst

The dark ones, in their separation, set up a new creation template of REVERSALS. They had to, if they did not set up this new reality template, everything that was out of harmony with nature would simply revert back to harmony because that is the nature of Krystic Consciousness, it is self correcting and self sustaining. It always returns to source, always returns to itself, and therefore always lives in abundance and balance. The dark ones knew this, and they knew that to sustain their reality they would need to embed the technology of reversals into it.  They would need just the right ratio in their hybridized creation, capable of creating but not of being able to reconnect to source.  What they didn’t see happening was that over time, we would naturally redirect ourselves back to our true source seed and revert to our original template, the Christed Human would always, over time, remember who they were and reestablish their divinity, thus undoing all the dark-ones had worked so hard to achieve.

Some Reversal Examples

Below, I’m going to highlight a few examples of this reversal reality template system whereby up became down, and down became up, wrong became right, left became right and it was all passed as “normal”. For so many people there was, and still is, a nagging sense telling them that what they see is far from normal. This is utterly correct.  No matter how well marketed our reality is, there remains a consistent gnawing at the heart and soul of the human, that reminds them that the reality they’re participating in is highly abnormal.  In seeing this, by seeing this, we begin to overturn the reversal technology and return to our original blueprint.  This is where it all starts.

Reversals were interwoven into our reality from the most subtle to the most overt levels.  Pink became a colour for girls when it was originally the colour of the evolved, loving, divine masculine. Blue became the colour for boys when it was originally the soft powdery blue associated with the divine feminine. Men became aggressive, women became passive when their natures were originally to be co-creative and supportive (men), and creative, powerful (women). Originally, the two genders were symbiotic, not competitive, with women taking more of a leadership role and men more of a support role, neither being higher or lower, better or worse.

We counted in 6’s and 12’s not in our current base 10 system, we had 6 fingers on each hand, not 5. The five fingered human was a genetic mutation from the original six fingered human, purposefully designed so we would never reach universal harmony or mathematical accuracy if the basics of our understanding of physics and nature were distorted.

We self-sourced nourishment by feeding on the light/energy of nature, specifically plants. We would absorb light codes and be fed by universal energy and only supplemented by plant energy. We worked in partnership with nature, not in dominance.  We had an open circuitry system which allowed for direct access and sustenance of the human form, directly from Source-God-Consciousness.

We had 12 active stands of DNA, not 2. Our planet was not wobbling on a tilted axis, instead it was in direct alignment without swings in temperature which we call seasons.

Above are some small examples of the many, many ways, in which our lives have become perverted with the system of reversals, our language is perhaps the best indicator of this when we see the spells that are woven into our words. No mistake that we have to learn SPELLING at school which teaches us to cast the same spells every day, by reinforcing words that reinforce the disconnection between us and life.  These “spells” are a means of keeping us plugged-out of the divine life matrix and representative of the inverse reality the dark ones thought out.

We don’t innerstand things, our corrupted spells tell us that we understand, which means that we always be beneath the concepts we grapple with, never fully mastering a concept but being under it. We wake up in the morning. A wake is where you go to when you are in mourning, so we start each day with the spell of death, not life. We call something good incredible, which means it has no credibility. We speak of positive words like apocalypse as if it is a terrible thing when it simply means the revelation of divine knowledge.  I could write an entire post about word reversals but hope the above paragraph gives you a hint.

remember your essence

The spell is broken when we see it!

Before you think that we now have to change our language, we don’t! We simply need to become aware of the reversals we have been living with for them to lose their power.

Perhaps the greatest reversal is the word EVIL which is the literal reversal of the word LIVE. Evil is therefore anti-life, anti-krystic or life’s opposite. It is what limits us instead of what grows us, it is what takes away from us instead of what nourishes us and it is the name for the reversal template we call reality.

Again, when we see the spell, it is broken.

Always remember that.

None of the dark one’s creation is capable of binding us into eternal slavery, it had to be so simple to see, it had to be in plain sight. Why, you might ask. Simple, because the only way they could get people to voluntarily populate their construct was to make it abide by universal law of free will. If humanities free will is eroded then and only then is the “game over” for the dark ones, then and only then will Source directly intervene.

We have co-created the space we find ourselves in now, we have willingly diminished ourselves by appointing authorities to have power of us. Originally, we intended only for these rulers to make our lives easier and to govern the affairs we as a species, found too tedious. Over time however, the corruption of power twisted the governors into the perception that they govern the people. The people forgot that they were the real power and still are. They forgot the power of peace, they believed the only way to assert themselves was through war and that was a task too great for them to face.  War was never the answer, we all know that, it never was and never will be because violence is not in our nature, peace is. The most powerful instigator of transformation is personal peace acted out.  Let us remember now, the power of personal peace, embodied.  Let us breathe it in and be reinvigorated by it.

Free will is our ability to think for ourselves. Many people want to see free will externally and that is of course very necessary, however, the first place where free will exists is inside of us and this is the first level in which we are to gain mastery, before we can wield it outside of ourselves and re-establish it outside of ourselves.

When all free will appears to be removed externally, it forces you to go inside in order to find the thing that you seek.

Don’t give up!

Sadly, there are many who are giving up at this stage because they feel as if their free will has been eroded and a covenant has been broken with no ramifications or intervention. This has disheartened them to the point of giving up.

The cork in the ocean – a powerful fable for all mankind

You remain the master of your reality even when you appear to be a cork bobbing the ocean with no control of where you are sent next.

This is one very special cork, one who although tiny, has the power to harness the wind and sea because it knows that by being self-aware and in harmony with nature, it can align with the elements and redirect them as needed.  There is no fighting against the ocean, but there is the possibility of coming into harmony with it.  At that point all that is anti-Krystic becomes Krystic once more and the “harm” is taken out of harmony.

When the cork is plugged directly into its Krystic blueprint all that was in reversal is righted and remedied and the tiny cork is able to act in proxy on behalf of Source / God consciousness. The cork must know however, that these special abilities it has, are utterly fail proof. They only get activated when the cork is in inner harmony and no other time. No amount of frustrated desire will move the winds, but the infinite creative potential of God/Source/Consciousness is harnessed and activated when the cork comes into its nature. From the vantage point of their natural alignment, God/Source/Consciousness may enter this matrix and re-establish Krystic Sovereignty and freedom.

Reclaiming your Krystic nature

Your true nature is exactly that, it is what is inherent to you. To regain connection with your original self it is necessary to remove blockages out of the way, these distortions cloud your view and prevent direct contact with the true self. If you feel called to reclaim the true Krystic self, then there are two things you can do. Firstly, you can go to my online shop where you will find the Deep Relaxation Series. Use coupon code Deep33KK to get a 33% discount off the series.

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