What do those numbers mean?


Many people report seeing number patterns that appear to be deliberate and sequential and undeniably synchronised. The puzzling thing is that as much as they are overtly systemized into coherent patterns. their appearance is indiscriminate as they appear without planning or warning in the most arbitrary of places and times. For example, a bathroom call at the early hours of the morning had one of my clients telling me that she would wake up either at 01h11 or at 02h22 or 03h33. There was no way she could have premeditated these timings, yet they were ongoing and overt, relentlessly appearing the more she noticed them. They would be on number plates and the odometer of her car, till slips, and any number of obscure places. My client is one of many, myself included, that have long since noticed the coherent organisation of seemingly random, variable inputs that have led us all to the natural conclusion that there is some sort of message in these repeating number patterns. Chance and coincidence are one thing but when they appear so frequently so as to defy mathematical probability, the phenomena warrants investigation.

At this point, I should pause for a moment to mention that some people do not see these number sequences, and that is by no means an indication that they are somehow being left out of a global phenomenon. As you will glean from the rest of this article, there is far more to it than meets the eye.

Getting back to those who have noticed the number patterns there is still a massive question as to what they mean and although countless many have experienced this phenomenon, some trying to ignore it and others obsessing over the meaning, there is very little understanding as to what this is all about. And for good reason too.

It is human nature, no, it is the nature of left-brain thinkers to crave information that is structured, ordered and linear. Everything that these randomly coherent number patterns are not. The left-brained analytical approach wants to know that a number has a certain message or meaning, and with more numbers strung together comes more and more complex messages. The left-brained analytical approach would deduce that certain numbers were more powerful than others and therefore the recipient of these numbers would be deemed more important the next. What we are dealing with cannot be understood through the usual thought process of the analytical left brain, because it is operating at an intelligence level that supersedes human thinking.

I have noticed many people attempting to explain the numbers and even books of so-called channelled information delineating what certain number sequences mean according to so-called higher beings, but that defies what these very number sequences are about. They can hardly be put into words let alone books and here is why.

These numbers are soul codes, they act like triggers or catalytic information that precedes conscious awakening and energetic activation.

Let’s dive deeper…

When we look at numbers in the traditional linear context (3rd-dimensional perspective) whether through the eyes of a numerologist or a mathematician, each number has a set and constant meaning.

However, in the quantum world (5th dimensional and beyond) where these numbers are living vibratory fields of consciousness that can be interacted with, they express a dynamic intelligence that continually communicates with us in a nonlinear energetic experience and we get to join the conversation.

These number patterns are far more than pleasing to the eye in their symmetry but contain within them a field of intelligence that is coherent and interactive and begging our participation.

How is it, one may ask, that a number like 11 could be a living experience for us rather than a constant predictable interpretation? Why would number 6 mean something different to each of us and why is that number 9 is not simply the placeholder between 8 and 10?
Simply put, as we experience ourselves as multi-dimensional beings, we begin to interact with creation differently. We have the opportunity of seeing ourselves as fractilised expressions of not only our parents and grandparents but of source consciousness itself. Our children, therefore, could be seen as fractilised expressions of us and we would get to understand that the carry-over of looks and traits is not necessarily only a measure of genetics, but testimony to each of us beings fractilised expressions of the same being repeating itself over and over.

So how exactly do we interact with these number patterns?
Each one of us in body form is a living wave field that acts like a key that unlocks that codex of information specific to us. We, therefore, have access to a living library of source field information and all we need to do is become self-aware, still and silent to gain access.
Rather than give the number a meaning that is outside of you, let the numbers be a living meditation, a living vibratory experience inside of you. What you would feel is aligned, activated and empowered to participate with consciousness.

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