Why Humans Can’t Walk Through Walls

My son told me a story

When he was about 5 years old.  I never found out if it was something he heard at school or something his intuition guided him to understand.  He told me that there was a special island far away where there were a lot of special children, animals (like cats and dogs) and scientists.  I gently asked about this place and he said he had seen it (again, this can be imagination or intuition) and he was so amazed by what he had seen.

The most striking thing about what he described was that the children and their pets were walking in and out of the building through the walls and never bothered opening doors.  The adults however, had to use doors to get in and out.  I asked him why the kids and their pets could walk through the walls and he said to me, in all the innocent wisdom of childhood; because no one had told them that they can’t.

How is this applicable to your life?

There is so much limitation in our perspectives because of what we have been taught and the way we have been taught.  We have forgotten our magic and we have forgotten the realm of possibilities.  There is pure, untouched, raw creative potential pulsating in every moment.  There is so much more than we would ever let ourselves see, even now in this moment.  Dare to dream beyond the confines of linear thinking and notice a certain lifting of your energy when you do.  Childlike wonder was once our natural state of being, and even  now is our most natural state, no matter how forgotten.  I’m not talking about empty dreams, but rather of expanding yourself and including more possibilities in your life.  Expand your field of vision.

Limitations evaporate when you stop making them your focal point, and then as if by magic, possibilities populate the empty space.

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With Love and Wonder

Kerry K