Why the Law of Attraction Does Not Work

Why the Law of Attraction Does Not Work
And What Does!

The Law of Attraction does not work, whilst I’ll cover why this kind of information winds up in the Spiritual Community, let me focus on a far more powerful technique.  Years ago, I remember hearing about the “Law of Attraction” and being swept up in the redemption I thought it was offering humanity at the time. Then I realised it simply did not work and that there were techniques far more powerful than what it was purporting to be. This may lead you to the same question I found myself asking.

The Law of Attraction

Why would they do that?

Why present humanity with a half-baked truth when the whole truth is so much simpler, more powerful, and more transformative?

The truth is not pleasant but here it is, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel a large myth that has been used AGAINST the spiritual community at large. It has been used in the Law of Attraction and many other places. Yes, that is right, there are idea’s that this community has been TAUGHT that are not based on truth, half-truths at best, have been filtered down from a very dark agenda to prevent ascension and keep humanity trapped in 3D. One of those idea’s is that by speaking about something, you draw it to you.

This is where I ask you to stop, centre yourself, and check in with your divine inner wisdom. I know that the beings who have shared the information about how important it is to keep our thoughts positive, to attract only light, etc sound to be the most loving, most enlightened, most “followable” evolved beings that we are blessed to encounter. I only want you to question if this could be true for all of them.

Why the Law of Attraction Really Does Not Work

It is true that when you project fear, you create fear. Yes. However, it is not true to say that when you acknowledge fear you create fear, in fact something remarkable happens when you do that.


more powerful than the law of attraction


The Real Secret to “The Secret” is to Collapse Irrelevant Realities

Ask yourself why these same beings would continually tell humanity only to focus on what they want more of and not anything else, which takes daily practice, work and constant reinforcing, when it’s far easier to simply collapse the field of the “anything else”. Why couldn’t they teach what it takes for that collapsing to occur because when it does a person no longer has anything to ignore. This is where most people get stuck on the law of attraction, the person for example who is in debt and anxiety will battle to focus on their wealth and abundance with daily reminders of unpaid bills. What if that person could learn to resolve the fear that co-created the outcome they are currently experiencing?

Question why it is when an evolved being is presenting information to humanity that could truly free them, liberate them for life, they present it in such a way that only a few will ever be able to benefit from, and even then, not reap the full benefit of learning how to resolve and dissolve incongruent energy so it never has to be in their energy field at all. Emotions are fields of energy, dynamic and alive because of the amount of focus given to them by the human. The trick is not to no-longer focus on it, but to collapse it so that there is nothing there to build upon. In so doing, new choices that are made do not have to vie for dominance, they become organic extensions of who you are. It would have been so much more effective to teach humanity this, but the spiritual community has been indoctrinated to the point that they steer away from seeing what is, which is the foundation of cognitive dissonance and creates a bigger shadow of undealt with, unresolved and unconscious energies.

Don’t Ignore Anything!

We are not here to ignore what is, we are here to transform what is, and the only way to transform it is to see it, acknowledge it, accept it. Acceptance is not condoning; it is merely the absence of resistance and denial, and we could all do with stepping into truth. So instead of self-denial, no matter how pretty the picture is painted and sold, you may want to try a new technique that works every time and frees you from fear completely. This technique can be practiced by anyone at anytime and it is simple because the nature of truth is simplicity, the nature of untruth is complexity. Whilst I have courses that expand greatly on these topics, I ask you to work within your means and at your level of proficiency.

My simple and powerful Technique to create what you want (5 Steps):

1. Get out of Resistance and into Acceptance.

The first three steps are to enable you to get into acceptance and out of resistance. I go into this concept of acceptance and resistance in great detail in my course on Forgiveness, if you’d like to do an in-depth study on this, get all the details HERE. The more you can get out of resistance, the quicker you collapse the fear-based realities. Yes, the above course is centred around Forgiveness but it’s highly applicable to learning the skill of dropping resistance. No, you don’t have to do the course, you can do it right now without my help, it doesn’t really matter how you do it, just do it! Get into acceptance and out of resistance.

2. Get Authentic

Step into alignment with yourself and meet yourself where you are, as you are with no limitations to what you are allowed to see. I could put it as beautifully as this cliched saying “warts and all”, allow yourself to see yourself, warts and all. This removes any illusions, dispels any pretense, and gets you into a real, authentic, and truthful relationship with yourself. Immediately you will feel relieved to be in this relationship with yourself because it takes no work to be in, it is simple, it is attainable and effective.

3. Don’t Look for Solutions

As tempting as it may be, resolve yourself to be here now, in connection with you.  It’s such a human thing to try to look for a solution or resolution, but cast that aside, even if you do it just for now.  When your focus is not on the outcome, then you can more fully be here, now, present and in divine connection to yourself and creation.

4. Conscious Breath into the Now

Breathe conscious breathe into yourself, that breath will bring you into the ever presence of creation. Sit there, creating nothing, doing nothing and being, until you realise that the more you do nothing and seek nothing, the easier it is to be everything. Only do that. Only be. Nothing else. This is where there is a trick to work past the resistance of the mind and this meditation will help you to calm the chatterbox brain, quieten the mind and get into stillness: Deep Relaxation 2 – Mind where you can get deeper into being. The more fully you can achieve this, the more profoundly you will align yourself to what you want without applying effort.

5. Be Open to Receive

Your soul and the universe will align to you and collaborate with the harmonious vibration you are establishing, they will meet your harmony with all that is in alignment to it and guess what, you will not even have to name it or list it or call it by a name. You will only have to be open to receiving it when it arrives.

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