Your Way? Your Way!

Why the confusion?

If you look outside yourself for the answers be prepared that the time ahead may be more difficult for you than it needs to be.
And it doesn’t need to be! That’s why I am writing this.

I keep hearing conversations where people are saying “but I don’t know who to believe anymore” or “I don’t know what is true”. When I hear this I want to say GOOD!! That’s because you are being guided into a place where you have to begin the process of tuning DEEPLY inward and making yourself more comfortable there than ever before. Comfortable enough to stay for quite some time, perhaps even a life-time(s).

Humanity got really comfortable and conditioned to the role of listening to, and absorbing the insights of others. That included forming personal beliefs based on external information, defending beliefs based on external information and even believing that external beliefs where our own.

Here’s the kicker: Even when an external belief based on external information is completely true, it still does not register in the body as personal truth until it becomes integrated into the body’s energy field by way of personal resonance brought about through personal experience. This way of forming beliefs based on the guidance of others was necessary and fundamental to having a 3rd dimensional experience. It’s just can’t take us forward and the jig is up.

From pre-school to school, to university, to employment, to social acceptance, to world beliefs, spiritual beliefs, and any belief that has not arisen through personal experience; we as a human collective have all at some time (or most time) in our lives been directed by the views and insights of others; and now it’s time to move on.

That’s why so many people are getting confused, listening to great people, and I really do mean that; great people who have my highest respect all seem to be presenting information in ways that are either different by subtle nuances or divergent by leaps and bounds leaving the listener to question the manner or method or the content of what they’re listening to.
What a celebration it is when suddenly all the external spokespeople start speaking in different tones of truth. It forces the listener inward, exactly … and I do mean PRECISELY … where they’re meant to be.

Listen carefully to the ones who direct you inwards, they are the true wayshowers and they are many, I know a lot of them personally.
There is one voice of resounding clarity in all of this, and it is yours. It is an inner voice that speaks in feelings not in words and you are being called to tune in.

With love
Kerry K Samadhi
Samadhi Speaks

On a more personal note: You will have noticed that I am hosting few speakers at the moment and have turned my fullest attention to supporting humanity in finding their way into themselves. I am just about to complete a 6 week course ushering people into their deepest stillness, the timing couldn’t be more perfect, and am hosting another course in May. I just hosted the Cosmic Heart (now available on my website) and am doing a talk on the 11th of April for my patreon community and will be hosting a free broadcast on the 16th of April to talk about what is surfacing for humanity, how to go inward and why. My attention is firmly planted on my facebook group samadhi – Tribe of One where I am responding to as many questions and comments as I possibly can. For those who are able to, your support is helping me reach more and devote myself more to where I am being called, to those who have already found my newly placed donation buttons on my website, I can’t thank you enough ❤️