I saw a UFO and this was the message

by | Aug 2, 2018



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What follows is the transcript of a telepathic conversation I had a few weeks ago when I spotted a UFO just above the mountains behind my house.  I saw it and it saw me, and in that moment of connection a download ensued. They opened with the statement “what about transition!” They were getting across the fact that we were pretty much ignoring a fundamentally important part of the ascension process by focusing only on ascension and not on the phenomenal waves of consciousness occurring right now.  What follows is a transcript, some of it in my own words because the conversation was just too fast to write down everything verbatim.  Read till the end as you’ll find some highly interesting information about the amount of people needed for planet wide ascension and more importantly, how you can be a part of it.


I asked the beings from the craft where they from and instantly knew that they are part of a collective number of non-terrestrials who I have been in contact with over the years, they are from varying races and all come together to aid humanity in their liberation.  All of them have biological ancestry to us humans and the collective name which I have lovingly assigned to them is “Guardians of Ascension”.  That’s exactly what they have always felt like to me, beings who are here to empower humanity in every way possible.  They have a strong insistence on each of us accessing our personal creativity and personal power and will support us by doing only that.  Therefore, they won’t and can’t make ascension easier directly, but indirectly through working with us they can, and they are.


Each of us is being prepared to enter a more purposeful existence, it is the reason why we are restless and reaching out for higher answers, searching for deeper truths.  This is exactly on track for this time in our ascension process.  We must be aware however, that we tend to think of ascension as an event of spiritual awakening, or a new reality(density) as the resultant destination, what this does is eliminate our focus on the present.  It deters us from being in the now and keeps our focus ahead of us at an unknown point in time, thus disempowering humanity and assuring little human co-creation in the build up to ascension. Many people have not wanted to be in the present, to them it feels lifeless and empty and they are feverishly waiting for ascension so that they can start living the lives they were born to.  You can see what a trap that is, since we are the co-creators of ascension when we don’t pursue personal ascension and instead wait for global ascension, we become the unwitting co-conspirators to blocking our own evolution.  Do not spend transition waiting for ascension! I must interrupt the transmission to say that these telepathic downloads hardly ever happen word for word but rather in an assortment of words, pictures, sensations and understandings.  I was flashed the following image: I saw us telling children of future generations the unbelievable tales of life before ascension; their giggling faces when we tell them that we were brought up to believe that we were separate and alone, no life other than that on earth.  I watched confusion furrow across their brows when we explained what money was and why we needed it, and how we couldn’t think of any other way to live.  Eventually their faces contorted in comical disbelief. Things like bosses and hierarchy are strange concepts to them, as are man-made laws denying basic human rights like choosing to live in the country you feel drawn to.  By the time we got to fossil fuels they concluded that we had come from the dark ages, but even still, they held huge compassion for the warriors of consciousness that we were; the bringers of a new era and the witnesses to an old one. It was the build up to ascension that fascinated them the most, the time between the two era’s and how we had bridged them both. The era that many people have been so quick to dismiss is in fact, exciting, thrilling and spectacularly powerful.  We are in transition and this is where we acclimate ourselves to being conscious, multifaceted, multi-talented, multi-dimensional, god-beings in practice.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it?  It is!  We should hang out here more often!  Who would want to miss the preparation for an unimaginably glorious ascension process?


  • Remember that each person is at varying stages of transition, it begins with confusion, feeling out-of-sorts and wondering if something very wrong has happened somewhere to make them feel this way, over time that confusion turns to questioning and then an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Red-pilling all the way down that rabbit hole, many will seek truth first and consciousness after.
  • Consciousness is the higher perspectives on what has been learned in the truth-seeking process and sets about creating emotional balance so that rather than lashing out, we transmute our own negative feelings into higher vibrational emotions that culminate in complete transformation.
  • Our DNA is being activated and with that comes new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of being and perceiving. They feel so subtle and unnoticeable at first, but after a while you become so tuned in that you can feel it happening.
  • We are aligning ourselves with nature, feeling more connected to it and savouring what it feels like to be in nature and a part of nature.
  • We are more attuned to what we feel. Over time, we will become more and more intuitive.
  • We have a growing appreciation for people who can be centred and neutral and seek out their calm energy.
  • No longer are we disconnected from ourselves and connected into the external material world. The reverse is happening, as we are beginning to connect with ourselves more, and disconnect from materialism.
  • Our questions are less “what will I wear tomorrow” and more “who will I be tomorrow”
  • The internet is bombarding us with information from the outside world, it is overwhelming, and we can’t possibly keep up with it all. Unplugging from it is like an elixir of life because when we unplug from the constantly moving stream of external information, we get to plug in to our own inner wisdom.
  • Silence, Stillness and Meditation are opportunities to dive into your inner stream of consciousness where wisdom and compassion, calm and heal the frenetic energy we once called normal.
  • Each person will go through the transition of first having external authorities, then questioning those authorities until finally assuming personal authority over their own lives.
  • Looking up more. We have been born into an era that taught us to look down, at our shoes (in obedience) or at our screens (in hypnosis), and now we have a growing desire to look up more, see what the sky looks like and expand our view towards the heavens, both at night and in the day.
  • We are on the brink of creating rather than reacting. Human beings are pure creative potential but of course, we have been inhibited and for time immemorial we have been given cues from the external world, reacted to those cues and thus created entire realities to serve the agenda of others.  Our reactions such as public outcry to whatever the media flashes on the television has been the way in which our creative power has been used against us, we have been manipulated into creating and co-creating the very reality that we find ourselves at odds with now.  We forgot that we have a choice beyond knee-jerk-reactions based on what we have seen outside of us, and that is to consciously create from within.  We are awakening to this one more and more by turning of the television and tuning into ourselves
  • The list is much longer but I’ll expand on it at another time.



Not only have various whistle-blowers reported that disclosure will take place over the next 50-100 years, we can see it happening before our very eyes in what has unaffectionately been dubbed drip-drip disclosure.  When I received the download, part of the conversation went like this:  as much as we have been told that disclosure is going to be taking place over 50-100 years, don’t buy into that, you are being asked to accept something that never needed to be a part of your consciousness. Yes, obviously those in power want that but YOU get to decide, NOT them. That’s the whole point of being in transition, this is where humanity gets to decide. It is the step before ascension and it’s the step that determines ascension. They were emphatic about this.


And no that does not mean seeing gruesome images on social media! When we hear the word disclosure, we tend to think of governments disclosing their knowledge of extra-terrestrials and their technology.  Whilst this will happen, exposing abuse on all levels is a fundamentally important part of full disclosure.  That means cruelty to animals, paedophilia and child trafficking being placed in public awareness.  Regarding paedophilia, it not only harms children, it also harms “us” the people who have not been exposed to it or known about its pervasive presence.  It is a silent festering wound in the collective consciousness of humanity, septic and pervasive.  We are all plugged in to this collective consciousness so whilst it may not have received public attention, it has always been there silently infecting our psyche on all levels.  No wonder so many of us feel levels of shame and unworthiness that we can’t account for.  Rather than being sickened by this ritual abuse, which is natural and easy to feel, we must move beyond that as quickly as possible and into healing.   Imagine humanity with their innocence restored and unconscious trauma healed, in harmony with the animals and life itself.


Perpetrators of abuse are victims on some level, either they have been duped by sinister forces to carry out their evil agenda, or they have suffered some sort of trauma/abuse themselves which facilitates a closing down of the heart chakra and complete disassociation from their actions.  They can’t feel what they are doing because they generally don’t feel authentic emotions but rather the fake rush of power that they derive from being perpetrators.  They have no other way of feeling good.  None.  Imagine that level of emptiness and depravity, most of us simply can’t and that’s great but what we can do is muster compassion for them because they are the other “me’s” and other “you’s” that constitute the Great Oneness that we all are.  They deserve the opportunity to come to terms with their wrong doings and take accountability.  Of course, if they deny themselves this they will be reset which means depending on the level of fracture in their psyche’s they will either be sent to another planet after their deaths and given the opportunity to evolve once again, or in extreme cases they will be returned to source directly.


No more tampering in human free-will be tolerated.  Whilst those not on the ascension timeline may try to tamper and manipulate humanity, it is having an interesting and unexpected outcome for them.  Whenever they try to create a situation that manipulates humanity, it backfires on them directly and causes them immediate harm, and those they tried to manipulate become more and more empowered.  This will continue to happen and is now out of their control.  Abuse is not tolerated anymore, not of animals or children, not of adults or the environment, and most especially not of ourselves.  By being exposed to the levels of abuse that have infiltrated the collective consciousness, we have normalised it and internalised it and inflict harm upon ourselves without even realising.  That is in the process of being remedied and the support is being made available not only through my work with the Guardians of Ascension but through many others.


With all of this going on, confronting abuses that we have previously not been able to see or refused to see, it allows us to clear the collective consciousness of abuse and trauma and that creates the exciting possibility of clearing out the toxicity that has been permeating our consciousness and finally begin to tip the scales in our favour, if we let it. We have to “grow up” and stop letting media dictate our realities. We get to create it now and all we need is a few human beings to create it.


Whilst personal ascension has always been a possibility, many of us, particularly starseeds, have come to support global ascension so we feel somewhat bound to the global timeline. We have the idea that we need a certain amount of people to affect the global consciousness and this is not true at all. Thinking that we need hundreds of thousands or millions is part of the programmed thinking that will make us feel hopeless and give up. We need very very few people, of a very high calibre, high vibration, and pure energy. When we heighten our awareness into higher consciousness and live a 5D vibration in a 3D body we then begin to create an anomaly in the collective consciousness. As we introduce this heightened frequency, one person will effortlessly lift the collective consciousness because the lowest frequency “in the room” will always raise itself (or attempt to) to the highest. Christ was one person who affected the masses and still does. Imagine what 100 beings with a Christlike consciousness would do. And of course, I’m referring to Christ as a term to describe pure love, compassion and consciousness and no religious connotation. Each of us must now enter our personal Christhood’s and this will involve claiming both our humanness as well as our divinity, fully. When being human, be fully human, imperfect and flawed. When being divine be fully divine, magnificent and radiant. Knowing that over time these two polarised aspects of self will merge and balance, but we don’t need to worry about that now. They were emphatic about us embracing our imperfections and accepting them without personal judgement, knowing that the more time we spend in our Christhood, the more we transform that part of us that we judge as wrong. The journey is not to banish the imperfections but to allow them to be there whilst simultaneously reaching into higher states of consciousness. This is very much in alignment with my healing methodologies that I have been teaching for over 20 years.  I call it complex simplicity; the great enigmatic process of creating inner wholeness through combining polarities until the rapturous point of singularity. At this point in time, we have at least 100 people on the planet who are ready to enter their Christhood. Imagine having 100 Christ’s on the same planet at the same time. The 100 need to be reached and activated and EACH OF US PLAY A PART IN THAT. Some will be supporting, others will be holding space, others will be teaching and reaching, all will be supporting each other. That 100 will be 1000 within weeks or months of the first 100 crossing the energetic threshold into their ascended consciousness. The only thing that the initial 100 need to do is be centred in their alignment. The energy will spill over and wake up the rest. Once we reach 1000 beings of that energy it becomes like dominoes.


The reason we all come in to our lives with amnesia to our true lineage and soul identity is because if we (especially the star seeds) remembered who we were too quickly it would have affected the collective consciousness negatively. This is because a few of us would raise the collective frequency and in so doing plunge the planet into transition too early. We had to wait to the last minute to do this. And that is where we are. We are at the last minute. There exists a huge possibility that 2019 see’s full disclosure and what we are currently witnessing is the foundation to that. There will still be those who may want to continue and perpetuate the illusion and they may do so all the way to the early 2020’s. We have a blank slate here, we get to colour it and create what we will. There are no rules anymore.


I will be working with the Guardians of Ascension and together we will introduce the next wave of energy coming in to the transition process monthly, and soon, bi-monthly.  We will be talking about the incoming wave of energy and how to handle it, why it’s here and how to meet and match the new energies as they come in.  Together we will guide a deep meditative process and invite you all to attend these Soul Gatherings.


We will be using the open Lions Gate portal to activate our own consciousness.  During meditation we will connect our Pineal Gland to the Stargate and feel what activation occurs.  Join me for this hour of expansion, transformation and sheer joy.

Where: on your computer via webinar
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What if I can’t make the time?  Recordings will be available at a one time special of $14

What is the benefit of being in the live audience?  Not only that the webinar is completely free to you but also that your energetic presence is determining the course of the conversation

Duration:  1 hour
After the hour, I will be avialble for live Q and A

What to expect:  a guided meditation that is moving, grounded, real and practical.  The relaying of information that allows you to understand the bigger picutre of what you are going through and what we are doing as a human collective.

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