Plasma Light Tribe Call #41

Soul Readings
August 13, 2021


• Procyon Star System
• Path to Ascension is overcoming past life grief and Unification
• Overcoming shock and loss from the descension during Atlantian/Egyptian lives

• A Discussion about control and overcoming it
• A journey from control to perseverance to tenacity to trust
• Pineal Gland Decalcification
• An ascension path of ascending in body
• Lyran connection, incarnations as liquid light
• Exploring partnerships
• Career changes, falling out of resonance and is it okay to abandon projects when they no longer align with who we are now?
• A discussion about online relationships

• Could it be possible that I experience everything different from everyone else?
• Thinking vs feeling in 3d vs 5d
• Identifying the ego in ways we don’t always think the ego appears as
• Does connecting with the Galactics mean being less earthly?
• Does Kerry teach that if you don’t see Galactics does that mean your vibration isn’t high enough and you need to work harder?
• What happens when people who are out of alignment with the tribe stay and/or leave? A discussion about the container of the tribe and how by design it holds those within it