Plasma Light Tribe Call #43

Galactic Activation – An Experience on a Space Craft
August 29, 2021

• What are the gifts of our Discord chat?
• Is the Universe testing us? What is the “test” question and how do the “tests” work?
• What is the ascension window? Are we in it?
• Can we access 5D now? What are the traits of a 5D being?
• Mass Ascension vs Individual Ascension
• What are some pitfalls on our ascension path?
• Acceptance vs Tolerance

Kerry’s Interaction with a space craft
• What is it like to interact with non-physical beings?
• What is the nature of telepathy?
• How do E.T.s perceive us?
• Kerry’s experience of the activation of the higher chakras
• Transparency, Integrity, Openness, Allowing, Honesty

Is it the Universe that allows and “gives” to us? Is there a hierarchy?
Willing, Accepting and Claiming our Divinity