Plasma Light Tribe Call #44

Q & A – Mantid Beings
September, 3, 2021


• What do the Mantid beings look like?
• What does being in the presence of a Mantid being feel like?
• Why would species want to incarnate into a corrupted template?
• How does being in a corrupted template manifest in our bodies?
• Feeling into an energy with your heart
• The relationship between the Mantids and the Reptilians

• Are the reptilians the same as the Dracos?
◦ Draco-reptilian beings

• Mantid beings as geneticists
◦ What was meant when the bible said “man was created in God’s image”?
◦ Reptilian and Mantid entanglement
◦ Mantids and their work with the creation matrix of the Medical Fraternity
▪ The spell of the Hippocratic Oath
▪ What if without blame or judgment we took our power back, as individuals, from that which is called the Medical Fraternity?
▪ Exercise in breathing into taking your power back.
◦ How vibrant are you?
▪ Vibrancy’s connection to your health and your connection to the Earth
• The importance of breathing the Earth’s energy

• What are your thoughts on the Voyagers 1 & 2 series about human genetics and hybridization?

• Was the hive mind very prevalent in Egypt?
◦ Why do some many people have different versions of what happened in Egypt?
◦ The phenomena of hive mind
◦ AI intervention

• What are the walk-ins?

• I rarely recall my dreams, is there anything that I can do?

• What are your thoughts on the book The Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak?
◦ The difference of channeled information versus having a conversation

• Is there AI / Hive mindedness in the Greys ?

• Would you talk more about bees?
◦ The corruption of the bee template
◦ The connection of the bees to the earth’s magnetic field
◦ Exercise: Feeling into the presence into the bee being energy
◦ The effects of EMF on the bees

• If we have a degree are we also under a spell? If so, what do we do?
◦ The power of awareness

• What about Kryon?
◦ The dangers of incomplete information

• Are there bee-like galactic beings?

• What about insects that feed of humans (mosquitos, ticks)
◦ Do you notice that flies, mosquitoes and even the sun are different than what you remember in your childhood?
◦ Would vampiric insects exist in the 5d?
◦ The importance of us learning to self-source information.