Plasma Light Tribe Call #45

Soul Readings – Beingness
September 10, 2021


Leah: Q: General connection to animals, special affinity to horses
– The word “Animal” is an inverse concept
– Horses are here to remind humans what Freedom is
– Karmic contract between humans and horses
– A whole variety of equine forms
– Leah is naturally an interspecies communicator
– Earth is the medium through which the communication happens

– “Information” is only a little piece of the picture
– The missing link: remembering Self as an Energetic Being
– Engage through breath
– The difference between the Now and the Present
– Connecting with feelings by feeling what is Real
– Connection is the point: drop the thinking, forget the answers
– Tom is surrounded by Pleiadian team- a huge presence

Annette: Q: Whatever benefits all and Galactic Origin
– Misunderstanding and confusion about Orion
– Originating in Lyra, then Vega: sent to assist in Orion war and becoming karmically entangled with the Reptilians
– Possess a warrior streak- cannot stand by and watch injustice, so sick of war
– Truth at all costs
– To defeat the darkness: must “fall” completely into darkness to become the Light and the Truth
– Connecting to divine spark inside and being in presence is the key