Plasma Light Tribe Call #46

Conversation/Supreme Guidance – 3 separate events -1 conversation
September 17, 2021


1. Is Light in control of all that we are seeing?
-Why are travesties allowed to take place?
-Am I ok; Is the world safe?
-How can I be the solution?

2. Authenticity: How can we get real with ourselves?
-Where have we focused on how good we look?
-Has humanity compromised themselves by the facade of the physical realm?
-The hand of malevolence
-Self sourcing our own approval
-Seeing through the lies and illusions
-Daring to let go of the story and emptying out.
-Energy dumping and the Ripple effect
-Inverse Matrix – Illusions and approval.
-How do I empty out the old identity?
-Why do I feel empty?
-How can you be real, raw and honest with yourself?
-How can I be a spiritual warrior?

-What does it feel like to let go of the old?
-What does freedom look like?
-Can you be present in the discomfort of growth?
-What is underneath the discomfort?
-Who am I? Confusion
-Real love, illusory love and being loving.
-The analytical brain; who’s in charge?

-How can I trust that the discomfort will pass?
-How can I be more real?
-Why and how do we crucify ourselves?
-Where and how are we refining our truth?
-Is our DNA upgrading?
-Is empty the same as detachment?
-What is detachment?
-What is emptiness?
– Is boredom a state that can come from being empty?
– Can you explain more about what boredom really is?
-Activating our wings, the angelics and the phoenix rising