Plasma Light Tribe Call #47

Galactic Activation – True Self Emerges

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• Conversation:
– Discussion of a Discord comment about: “feeling” willing to walk in Truth rather than “thinking” through spirituality
– Reference: KerryK YouTube video: “A Simple but Powerful Tool” (Your Spiritual Super Power)
– What does it feel like to get out of the linear realm in spiritual practice?
– Making Authenticity and Realness a daily practice
– What happens when you Go Beyond the known spaces?
– How do the Galactics view “the Basics”?
– What to expect in an energy activation

• Energy Activation:
– You are writing your own story
– The script is written in your DNA
– Activating and Remembering at the right time
– Restoring you to the True, Eternal, Divine Self

• Conversation:
– Discussion of the energy experience
– Letting go of control, being in trust
– The Tribe as an example of Kerry K Consciousness
– What happens when you dare to show up with your heart wide open?
– Your Truth precedes you
– Mineral supplement suggestions