Plasma Light Tribe Call #49

Conversation – Mistakes, the facade and acceptance

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-Why does it feel like time is speeding up?
-Why are we triggered with the current energies?
-What is the narrowing or ascension gate?
-What is the facade; the cloak?
-How did we become masters of pretense?
-How do we interact authentically on Discord?
-How do we elevate into our authentic voice?
-How do we authentically speak our truth?
-Where do we find beauty in our mistakes?
-How do we take off the cloak?
-Are we now living in an era where resolution is possible?
-What if you find yourself in a ‘pile of goo’ or a sticky mess?
-Do we have galactic connections by being in the Plasma Light Tribe?
-How can we reclaim our innocence?
-Why have we praised our intelligence?
-How can we access our true wisdom?
-What are the rewards for showing up in our truth?
-How do we let ourselves be loved?
-What is true love?
-What is acceptance and wholeness?
-What is the perfection within me?
-What is the nature of duality?
-How can we make mistakes and not judge them?
-How long have you longed and looked for your purpose?
-What do your triggers reveal to you?
-Where have we rejected the less than divine within us?
-What level of responsibility can you carry?
-Where are you rejecting and not accepting yourself?
-How can you welcome yourself and your divinity home into you?
-What does a trigger force you to do?
-How can you find your innocence?
-What is divinity?
-How do we create Heaven on earth?
-Why can’t I feel the Galactics?