Plasma Light Tribe Call #73

Deep Dive – Ascension

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Discussion: How working with time (past/present) changes it

Suggestion: To revisit Plasma Call #34
• Kerry speaks on witnessing her own ascension
• Alpha Centauri – recently underwent a similar ascension process

Q&A: Theme: Ascension
Q. Is ascension a one time event?
• Difference between a full (solar flash) and partial mass ejection (micro nova)
• What is ascension?
• Galactivation / Healing Chamber as a means of preparing/training the body
• “The event”

Q. What happens to the physical body?
• Moving from carbon body to crystalline body

Q. Is ascension a choice point where those who have chosen not to ascend instantly lose their physical form?
• Discussion on energies the earth will be able to accommodate

Q. Will ascension happen in stages?
• Frontrunners, embodiment and how reality shifts

Q. Why has it gotten so bad?
• How light affects darkness.
• Why ascension needs a trigger.

Q. Is ascension the same thing as completing the mission? Why did we incarnate here?
• Power of our presence
• The few turning the tide for the many
• Your magnificence, your potentiality and your divinity

Q. What are the physical symptoms that we are ascending?
• Comparison to EMF poisoning
• Negative polarization ascension/descension and positive polarization ascension
• False Ascension Matrix
◦ Gender Dysphoria
◦ Metaverse

Q.How long will the physical body live after ascension? Is it dying like we know it? What will our body be like?
• Aging, illness, mental illness and physical illness after ascension
• How the earth’s misalignment has affected ours misalignment
• What does “death” look like after ascension?

Q. How do we support our kids through ascension symptoms (Ex: one child experiencing fevers during solar activity and son experiences emotional outbursts)?
• Impacts of WIFI and EMF and suggestions for minimizing exposure
• Where have you overridden yourself and are accommodating dysfunctionality?
• What gives your children the feeling of relaxation, safety, being held?

Q. Is it true after ascension that those beings 5D and above won’t have free will?
• Restoring the integrity of the original creation
• Purpose of creation
• Ascension cycles and Grand Completions

Q. At times in my mind’s eye I see codes swirling around me. Is this the False Ascension Overlay?
• How to know if something is a true light code or light language.
• How darkness presents itself
• Suggestion to watch YT video on Astral and Underworld Collapse
• Pay attention to Wounded Ego self

Q. Is the Rapture also the Ascension?
• The many names for Ascension
• Suggestion to look up William Henry on YT for ancient religious historical correlations to what we call ascension.

Q. What about people who aren’t consciously bringing in light?

Q. Do children get a free pass to ascension based on their parent’s choices?
• Ages the child is under the parent’s guardianship

Q. What if parents are misaligned?
• What does not ascend mean?
• What if one parent is ascending and one parent is not?

Discussion: Final Thoughts on Ascension
• Viewing ascension: pinnacle or a right now moment
• Are you capable of breathing in 5D right now?
• The yo-yo of ascending
• The power of stepping back
• Suggestion: Check out Stability 1, 2 & 3
• Acknowledging your divinity