3 Secrets to Contentment

Today I’m going to share the 3 secrets to contentment with you and there is a special free gift for you on secret 1 so go ahead and read on.


I spend more time than most people on social media because every single day I post a video to TikTok, Facebook and Instagram and then a few times a week I post longer videos to YouTube. This leads me to read comments and interact with the hearts and minds of humanity and I notice something.


Well .. I notice a lot of things but one of them is that..


People are looking for contentment in all the wrong places.


They’re searching for contentment and when they find it missing, they start looking for things to accumulate, or states of beings to access in order to find the holy grail of contentment.


This leads to

• a chase
• a desperation
• a longing
• a reinforcement of lack


But there are 3 secrets to contentment that I want to scream out at these people to get them to focus in the right places. So instead of screaming it out at them, I’ll lovingly share it here with you in case you bump into any of them and can pass the message along.


3 secrets to contentment


Secret 1


You don’t have to have something new to be content. Most people feel that their lack of contentment comes from the loss or lack of something. That’s not true. Instead of trying to accumulate – let go. Contentment wants you to let go of the old instead of trying to get something you think is missing.


Learning to let go is an art, whilst accumulation is a quick fix. The art needs you to invest time being with you, the quick fix needs you to invest money and resources outside of you.


I led the Plasma Light Tribe through a breathtakingly powerful meditation about a year ago, in that meditation we deal with acceptance in a way that no one imagined it would come up. It was a masterclass in letting go, and acceptance is the key. I’m going to share that meditation with you here. It starts at minute 18 but please listen to the preamble before doing the meditation because it primes you and gets you energetically ready. Once you have listened to the preamble just once, in future you can go ahead and skip straight to the meditation.


Renewal and Purification




The video I’m sharing with you was not made for public release, it was made for my online community, the Plasma Light Tribe and if ever you wondered what we get up to in those weekly calls … you can listen to this meditation to get a feel.


Secret 2


Gratitude is the foundation of contentment. You know that to have change, you must be the change so what can you change today? Start by becoming and finding a deep thankfulness for anything, big or small, find a way to move into a state of honest and genuine appreciation. Shifting to Gratitude shifts you into contentment.


Secret 3


You don’t have to have enough to be content, you need to be enough and to BE enough, you need to feel enough. To feel enough requires you to plug into Source Consciousness (God/Universe) so what are you waiting for? Plug in today! Go listen FOR FREE to my deep acceptance, deep release meditation and see where it takes you.


Join the Plasma Light Tribe to gain access to a library of meditations and past calls that each hold a key to your deepening connection with yourself. The journey of life is to lead you to falling in love with you and discovering that you were always the answer, the secret and the remedy that you craved and sought elsewhere.


With so much love…
From my heart to yours…