A Love letter to Humanity

Dear Humanity

Oh humanity; you are so precious for pretending to be less than the divine god-self you are. Walking around as if you’re just a mere mortal and not the living miracle you are. You know your disguise was wearing thin and not even you were falling for you own pretence anymore.  But kudos for trying not to draw attention to yourself, not to stand out for the infinite being of love and magnificence that you are.  I am here to tell you that you don’t need to do that anymore.  Ever again.  

Not only is it safe to be who are you now, it is necessary and needed.  I know that you spent so long hiding in the shadows of who you thought you were, so long holding back, waiting for the magical moment when you got to reveal the pure light body radiance of your infinite self.  With all that waiting, I know that you began to doubt if that distant memory of your true self was anything other than a dream.  You played the role of the unknowing self so well, you outdid yourself.  

Now, as you stand up and shine as the truth of who you are, you may find that your legs are a bit shaky but stand anyway, because I am standing beside you.  Stand, even if you feel weak.  Stand, even if you tremble, and quickly you’ll see that it’s not just you and me here but an entire cosmic family of brilliant radiant light.   We are the uncountable many who occupy both this planetary space as well as the surrounding galactic fields, we are the dawn of a golden age, we are standing now in the full light of our all-knowing selves.  Celebrating, remembering, dancing.  

Pssst … did you feel that flash of light?  That was the others of this planet, gearing up into their light suits.  Most of them didn’t even realise or remember who they were until they did it.  This is what it means to be human.  You are a discovery even unto yourselves.  I love you #dearhumanity you amaze me everyday.  C’mon we have a new dawn to enter and I promised that I would not go without you.  We are finally here.  No one and nothing can ever stop us again.  We are here now.  Do you see that golden sunrise?  It’s for you.