Beyond Forgiveness

Beyond Forgiveness

Is it time to forgive?


It’s not.

It’s way past it.

The time to forgive was the moment the trauma/pain occurred but we were all under the spell of the false matrix that rendered us incapable of finding the one precious resource that would make that possible – the return to our innocence.

It’s this simple:

Forgiveness is not about being sorry, we have been so misled and misguided and although we knew that forgiveness was necessary, we never knew what made that happen or how to even begin.

I remember doing a course many years ago that was meant to teach me how to forgive. I remember leaving the course wondering if I had forgiven or not, but it’s kind of like eating a strawberry…


You don’t eat a strawberry and wonder if you are eating it! You don’t eat a strawberry and question whether or not it’s in your mouth.

You know it!

You taste it!

You feel it!

The juice is dripping and it’s unmistakable!


eating strawberries


I love learning how not to do things, sometimes that’s my best teacher. I learned in that course how not to heal, and it kept me searching which was great. It kept me hungry for a satiation that would only come years later. I eventually found the secret and I didn’t wonder if I had found it, I knew it.

I was eating the strawberry! Its juice was in my mouth, and I could taste every moment of it.

Being on the hunt for forgiveness and deprived of it for so long made me cherish it when I found it because this was a strawberry whose taste would forever live with me. I didn’t have to keep forgiving and keep foraging more strawberries; its taste lives forever in me, and with it waves of relief for something I found that can never be lost.

Without forgiveness you’ll feel a gnawingly uncomfortable background feeling that is every present and doesn’t quite seem to go away no matter how good life is in the foreground; it’s playing in the background like an underlying anxiety that seems to persist no matter what. Those background feelings are the hardest to deal with.


Sometimes you need to forgive the behaviour of others, here are some of the mistakes I’ve seen people make:

• believing that the person who harmed you is the person who must heal you
• thinking you need to understand, justify or make sense of what happened
• fantasizing about the other person knowing how deeply they hurt you
• waiting them to say “I’m sorry”
• blaming them which traps you into powerlessness


Sometimes you need to forgive yourself, here are some if the mistakes I’ve seen people make:

• believing that you need to be punished or pay something back
• thinking you can analyse your way out of it
• fantasizing about someone else absolving you to relieve the shame
• imagining that feeling bad about yourself leads to absolution or restitution
• blaming yourself which traps you into subservience


Beyond Forgiveness


Beyond Forgiveness


I’d like to share the process of true and lasting forgiveness with you in a 6-week course called Beyond Forgiveness. It gives you every tool to transcend the places where you were stuck and revolutionises your emotional wellbeing, whilst dispelling all the myths that kept you locked out of healing.

Myths like this:

• saying I’m sorry means you’re sorry and heals everything
• punishment for the guilty party leads to balance and restitution
• forgiveness means condoning what happened


It’s life changing and although this course was recorded a few years ago I wouldn’t change it if I remade it today. The best way to listen to the course (in my humble opinion) is with your eyes closed. In fact, I thought about removing the video but I’ve left it there for those who want to open their eyes and see something on screen.

When I created the course, it was $444. Today I believe that Beyond Forgiveness is more important than ever. You can watch this video about the recent acceleration of ascension to find out why it’s crunch time for Strawberry seekers.

Because of this my PLT members will get it at the crazy price of $49. Your coupon code is in the members area. If you’re not a Plasma Light Tribe member you can either join now or go ahead and use coupon code BEYONDFOR65 to own your copy for $65


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With so much love…
From my heart to yours…