Divine Perfection

There is something at play right now, something we have not been immersed in before and it’s called Divine Perfection. It’s that emerging inner knowing, that things are exactly as they need to be, that somehow this is all playing out exactly imperfectly-perfect on time, on point and to the right tune.

If you think about it, earth humans have always felt a little bit off-beat and out of tune, plagued by the sense that something is wrong; with them, with the world, with life. It’s that feeling when bed time calls and eyes must close that begs you not to see, not to notice and not to pay attention to the massive screaming hole in society that says everything-is-very-not-ok-with-the-word-but-it’s-too-big-to-fix-so-close-your-eyes-and-pretend.

That underlying, unaddressed, unacknowledged, collective panic, about the state of the world has given way; and the cosmic melody we are tuning in to echo’s a new tune, one that leads us to a quiet, still, satisfaction that comes from knowing that everything is exactly how it’s meant to be. There is an unseen order in all things and it permeates our consciousness with a reverberant calm acceptance. For it is true.

We are in the time of Divine Perfection.

Divine Perfection doesn’t mean always happy and cheery and rainbows and unicorns, it can be fury and rage and anger and aggression too. For they are just as holy as happiness when you attach to none. It simply means that wherever you are, you are being lead to something higher. The more present to the moment you are, the more you can see the gifts being presented to you.

We don’t need to pretend or ignore anymore, we can engage more fully with life because it’s finally safe to be here on planet new earth.

with love and divine grace

Kerry K