Ego or Soul

Not everyone will like this


By now, you should know me to be a straight talker.    Although I once used to sugar coat, I simply realized that I do not serve humanity by doing that. The need to be polite and not offend anyone was replaced with the need to be direct, clear and honest. Knowing that not everyone will be willing to work at that level, but those who do are the ones I came to reach.


So let me just say it how it is:


You don’t get further, you don’t go beyond where you are without allowing yourself to be supported.  The support that I’m talking about is from your own soul, your own divinity and your own guiding crew that form a part of your monad (over-soul).  I’m here to teach you those connections but each person will be given the opportunity to trust-fall into their own divinity.


Why haven’t you felt your soul?


If your infinite, all-knowing, all-loving self (your soul) is quite literally in the air around you because it’s a part of your energy field. Then why can’t you feel it?  It’s not because it isn’t there.  It’s because we lost the receptors (so to speak) when the ego became the “king of the castle”.
Disconnection from soul formed a foundational program of the false matrix.    Instead of a connection to the infinite soul self, under the auspices of the false matrix a skewed connection with the “false self” was forged.    This false self is also called the ego.
It was never outwardly obvious, but the ego was arrogant, it was so arrogant that it believed it didn’t need God, soul, or anything outside itself. This set you up to be in longing for divinity but unable to access it. In a sense, your ego blocked your access. Then it set about proving that it could always find the answers and be everything it thought you needed.

Over many generations, humanity got locked into the program of struggling things out on their own, hiding their struggle and the resulted shame they felt when life on the inside didn’t feel as good as the one you were portraying.
This was the beginning of misery
And misery had many guises, it wears the guise of addiction, depression, anxiety, loss, pain and hardship to name but a few. These programs were so deep seated but at their core they spoke of the same pain which was a deep disconnect from God-Source-Creator-Consciousness.


The new energy is:


The current energy that we are in is screaming out the words that everyone feels even though the words aren’t audible, the words are “NO MORE”!
Simply put, we can’t carry on with the ego in the driver’s seat of our lives and it’s time, therefore, to allow in higher consciousness like never before. The higher consciousness that facilitates the alchemical process of reabsorbing the ego and transforming it back into light, is your Soul.    That’s the part of you that infinite, all knowing and wise.


But this could challenge you more than you imagine


If you let your soul support you, you may very well feel challenged.  I know that it’s what everyone wants – support.   But it’s also what many people subconsciously block and resist.  Here’s why

• A deep distrust of the unseen
• A desire to not be seen as weak/needy
• An unconscious fear of being out of control
• An unconscious desire to not let go in case you lose something
• The ego’s knowing that if it’s not needed it will cease to be
• The ego’s fear of being without a job/purpose


What is healing really about?


The most minute, most minuscule component of healing is in the brain.    Ironically that’s where most people start and end their healing journey, no wonder they don’t get far!    The brain is the part of you that is designed to intellectualize, understand and make sense of things in a linear fashion.


True Healing


True healing is not in the brain, it’s in the body and it takes a spiritual warrior to undertake.     A spiritual warrior is not here to fight anything, but to face everything. These are the moments when you sit with yourself and confront what you feel without analyzing it, without understanding it, but simply to allow it space to be.    Space without your resistance, judgement or denial.    Just acceptance.    Just allowing.    These are some of the tools of transcendence.


I have trained a team of dedicated energy workers to facilitate this divine energetic flow with you, if you’d like to book a private session click here




The more you allow yourself to be where you are and to meet yourself where you are, the less the ego can step in to try to control.    The more connected you become to what is real, the quicker and easier you discharge what is not, and allow higher truth to take its place.

What most people do the moment they engage with an emotion; they switch on the analytical brain.    When you allow yourself to meet yourself in the authentic moment of where you are you’ll find that

  • your walls are down
  • your defenses are down
  • your guard is down


All of these things are tools of the ego. The ego is the part of you that wants to

  • analyze
  • understand
  • have control over


The ego wants to intellectualize everything you feel for one specific goal:    to prevent you from feeling.    Because alchemy happens when you feel – you release the illusion and allow higher truth to come in.


Don’t get rid of the ego – alchemize it


So much of the focus in the spiritual community has been, we’ve got to get rid of the ego!    Ultimately, the ego doesn’t even exist because it’s a lie, it’s not real.    The real work is to connect to and be the true self.


The Game Changer

When you engage with yourself at the level of truth, not only does healing happen but you transcend the false matrix.    Many people actually understand what it means to be with what is, be with yourself in whatever state you’re in, meet the emotion, but fail to understand that you don’t get to do that until you can do it from the vantage point of your own higher consciousness.    That’s the game changer. 


Lies and diversion of power


I’ve often spoken about how the spiritual community was purposefully misled in order to dilute their power.    The New Age movement was one such tool designed to facilitate humanity remaining powerless.    Nothing can be “all bad” so of course there were grains of truth but so many lies woven into it.    For example, people were taught that when they were in a difficult spot, to call on Archangel Michael, St.Germaine, Mother Mary, etc.    None of those things are bad unless you’re unable to also step into your own divinity.    By all means, call in higher consciousness, but you must learn to meet those energies from your divinity.    This is a state of being that requires practice to attain, and you will pop in and out of it as you’re learning to accept the higher level of support that starts with your own soul.
When you allow this level of support from your own soul, you begin to profoundly affect the field around you.    Divinity is not a toy that the ego can play with.    It is not a tool that the ego can dominate.    And when you have met yourself where you are to the extent that you are able to truly invite your soul’s support in without resistance, the ego becomes silent and your soul commands the reality around you.


A relatable story:


Just yesterday, I worked with someone who has been battling to really feel her soul working with her and to allow that support in. She kept trying too hard and what we found was that she held such a deep-seated mistrust of her soul that she was trying to micro-manage her own healing by directing her soul on what she should feel instead of allowing her soul to feel its presence into her. These are things that we are going to be learning this month in the Plasma Light Tribe, because more and more I am seeing that support was never the issue, but letting go of the ideas of aloneness, struggle, the need to get through it unaided, the fear of letting go, all of these created a blockage towards letting support in.


My Inspiration


My inspiration for today’s blog is a Plasma Light Tribe Member, name Craig.    He sent me this beautiful message which I’ll leave here for you to read.    You can join the Plasma Light Tribe and stand alongside beings of consciousness like this, as we all walk each other home.


Craig’s message


Dear Kerry K

Thank you so much for being such an excellent teacher. I joined the
Plasma Light Tribe about one month ago

Before I met you, I didn’t understand that the way to ascension is through
connection to our authentic self. I mistakenly thought the answers wereout there somewhere. I didn’t even know to look inside.

Thank you for the value you provide to Tribe members. The search feature
for the PLT calls is super useful. From it I learned about the nature of
addictions and how to clear entities. The urge for an addiction that I
struggled with most of my life is now gone. I didn’t know it could be soquick and easy. The “how to” methods you teach flat out work.

I am sending gratitude and love from my heart to yours. I hope you feel it!

By the way…. I always feel it when you say, “from my heart all the way
too yours.”



Join the Plasma Light Tribe today where we are all walking each other home, just as we always said we would.