How Can the Majority Ascend

Here’s a recent question that someone asked me and I have to admit, it’s a question that even though I know the answer to, I ask myself this exact question … often.

Have you ever wondered the same thing as this person is asking me? The question was posted on this video



The question reads:

I don’t understand how the majority of people are going to ascend when most would never do the shadow work. Is that going to become a common thing in the future and most people will actually get on board with it? That’s hard to conceive right now. Thanks!


The answer is:

You’re working on the assumption that you need to earn ascension or somehow make it happen. You do not. Ascension is something that happens to you and through you. Either you can allow it, or you can’t. It’s going to come down to how much love you can allow in to melt the past or how much you’re going to resist the love wave and cling to the story of the old.

Those who awaken now are awake for the buildup to ascension and we have a sacred agreement to do so. Our presence causes a ripple upon this planet to occur that makes the collective ready.

It is not a pre-requisite for ascension however, that everyone be part of this project. Some will literally awaken in the instant of the flash. Some, like you – are awake now. Neither is a determining factor that will guarantee ascension.

There are spiritual people and non-spiritual people who are equally stuck in their beliefs and perspectives that are highly arrogant, ego based and a part of the false matrix. In fact, I often address how the spiritual community has been purposefully misled in many a desperate attempt to slow down ascension or prevent it altogether. To this day there are many who cling to beliefs that are simply not true. They may be doing the shadow work, etc but all against the backdrop of a spiritual ego which is no different to an ordinary ego.

Will they be able to let go of their stubbornness? That is going to be a determining factor in whether or not they can ascend, and the moment of the flash is when they get their opportunity to find out.

It must also be noted that many people on this planet are a part of the ripple that awakens the collective and cannot even spell the word spiritual and they do not know what shadow work is. They are what is commonly called “good people”. They are centred in love, they might not be omnipotent, all knowing and wise but they’re aligned to goodness. These people are unknowingly a part of the project to awaken the collective by their sheer presence alone.

Spiritual work is no more a guarantee of ascension than doing no inner work is a guarantee of not ascending.

The ascension wave is a wave of love. It is a reckoning and in that instant the world and all upon it are transformed into light. Light is love. Can you handle the light? Can you let love in? Most will answer yes without realizing what it’s actually going to feel it at that moment of the flash. You will face yourself and see yourself clearly, all your illusions and delusions, all your ego and all your lies. You will be naked to the truth, and you will be transformed by your ability to allow that truth into your cellular matrix (your body) and you will simultaneously know that if you do, the past you will cease to exist and finally – you will need to let go of an identity that you once clung to.






PS: let me know your thoughts and perspectives in the comments below and please know that it’s ok to rub your head and question how the majority will ascend and that I, in my humanness also do this from time to time. But I’ve been there, I’ve witnessed ascension and what it feels like and how many get the opportunity to wake up at the very last minute. It’s a humbling process to realize that all the inner work you are doing now is to be a part of the wave that awakens the whole so that they can be prepared to welcome in the ascension wave at the moment of the solar flash.