Humanity, Rise Up

may there be peace in this moment
may there be love and comfort
that finds its way to all hearts, even those who have not
begun to seek this birth-right they did not know is ours

may we become aware of the gentle pulse of breath that weaves its own rhythm through us and all living things
from the first breath of a baby born to this moment, to the last breath of a passing life

may there be grace on the inhale
and ease on the exhale

may each of us who breathes, including the planet, the ants and the trees, feel encapsulated in the warmth of a divine love we forgot was our home

may it bring HOPE for the hopeless
REST for the restless
COMFORT for the disillusioned
FREEDOM to the caged

may it bring RELIEF to the burdened
ANSWERS to the confounded
VITALITY to the exhausted
BELONGING for the lonely

may these words rise up form their page
and be experienced as subtle fields of energy
that transport us to the same place
where we meet in our hearts embrace

enfolded in the pure love of our original self
bare to the truth of who we are
immersed in the fullness of divine knowing
uttering the words we all know to be true:

humanity, rise up
for your time has come
to return to the truth of who you are

with love
Kerry K