Navigating the Unknown

Recently I have had quite a number of people ask me if it’s a good time to be prepping/stocking up on essentials  right now.  There’s an air of anything-can-happen and we are navigating the unknown, so it could be something you want to look into.

My son who is now 14, asked me at the age of 4 what we were going to do in the future, when the grocery stores had no food on the shelves.  He had not heard the idea from anyone, we did not watch TV except for noddy and barney in those days, he was not at a school.  I knew to take him seriously and so I began to hold the awareness that he was sensing a time in the future when there would be no food on the shelves in grocery stores.  All I knew was that it was in the future but I had no idea how far in the future he was talking about so I began then, 10 years ago, to always keep extra food on hand.  And I still do that today.

No part of the reality you see around you is solid and it is certainly not permanent.  Be reminded that we are living in a reality that is crumbling, we are safe and protected by our divine connection to Source Consciousness.  You may call that Christ Consciousness, or the Universe, or God.  Whatever the name you prefer, it is THAT source that is permanent, that is where you will find solidity, that is what you can ground into when things around you are in flux.  You are doing such a good job navigating through the unknown, bearing witness to a reality that is crumbling and a new one that is birthing.  

Ask yourself if you see grocery stores in new earth and then ask yourself what you see in it’s place.  It will then become obvious to you that there is  POSSIBILITY … please note that I said possibility and probability … that there will be a transitional time between the old reality and the full emergence of the new one and in that time you may want to be prepared and have surplus food.  If you don’t need it, you could always donate it to those who do.

For the past 10 years, I have kept a surplus of food, enough to last me about a month.  I keep an eye on expiry dates and either use of give away what it coming close to expiry and replenish it with new stock.  That’s my choice, you don’t have to follow suit but for those who have recently asked me if they should be stocking up my answer is yes.  Prepare for the unknown because we are in the unknown.   What looks outside of you to be solid reality, is so fragile and in a manner of speaking, paper thin.

Take cognizance of the massive behind the scenes struggle for power; the dark forces do not want to give it up and are very much alive and active at this time.  They are weakened yes, but not without power, and they are very much aware that they are battling for control of planet earth and their lives.  I have repeatedly heard people say things like “the light has won” and although I know that is inevitable it is not true of this here-and-now moment.  The statement “the light has won” implies a duality orientated concept of winners and losers and we are headed more towards a unified “we have completed” experience.  
We still have to go through their final release from our reality, or whatever it is that our completion with each other will look like.  Every moment that you spend in stillness, quietly present to the sacred awesome magnificence that you are, is un untold contribution of God-presence to our planet.  Thank you for those moments that you share with all creation.  They have more impact than you could dare to imagine.  We are in a war from the 3rd dimensional perspective, but we are in the throws of completing an old relationship from a 5th dimensional perspective.  Both are true.

So stock up, be prepared, have enough food and water for 3 weeks IF YOU FEEL CALLED TO DO THAT and if you don’t be prepared for the unknown because with each passing day we are moving into it’s centre, where the fullness of who you are will be revealed.