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Ascension Fatigue

For many young people and awakened people there is a state of being I have begun calling Ascension Fatigue; it’s an exhaustion, a pervasive disappointment in the current reality they find themselves living in, a futility in perpetuating it and an exhaustion from trying to.  It is the reason behind unprecedented suicide rates, anxiety and depression the likes of which we have never seen before.  Does this sound like bad news?  Read below to find out why it’s not!

ascension fatigue

Yesterday, I did a soul reading for a dear friend and client of mine; someone who I have known for years and even got to meet her wonderful family, they all have smiling shining faces and deep hearts.  I was surprised to learn that two of her three children have been recently suicidal, they are age 17 and 18 years old.  She wanted a reading to understand why; what was going on with them, what was the bigger picture.

As I began connecting with the first child, I immediately got this phrase “Ascension Fatigue”.  As with all my work, it often takes a word or a phrase, and then the download begins.  When I start receiving a download, it comes from my higher-soul-self and I know that I need to start writing or speaking and hold on tight until the stream of energy abates.

What follows is a small part of the download that many could relate to and with my clients kind permission, I am sharing. If this isn’t applicable to you, keep it, because it could be valuable to you or someone you love.

What is it?

It’s an exhaustion, a pervasive disappointment in the current reality they find themselves living in, a futility in perpetuating it and an exhaustion from trying to.

How does it start?

For many people, it begins as a quiet dissatisfaction that they can’t quite articulate in the beginning.  It seems to just sit there, silently observing their world.  They feel a growing dissonance between themselves and the world around them as they begin to see through the systems (schooling, political, financial) of the old paradigm, whilst also being aware that there is a new paradigm yet to be entered into and it calls to them.

A New Paradigm?

Over the years I’ve heard the following terminologies that describe the same or something similar; New Planet, 5th Dimension, New Earth, 4th Density and the list goes on.  It is whatever words you use to describe the ascension of us and the planet we live on, into a higher state of being.  One where unity consciousness transforms our society and each individual in it.  It can be understood as our society engaging with their human potential rather than being under the mindless spell of numbness which most have normalised and accepted as their reality.

What can’t be ignored

These people cannot ignore the pointlessness of studying for degrees or working in jobs that are a part of an old system; they recognise that the old system cannot be perpetuated and that they do not belong to it, they never did.  They feel as if they were just biding time, waiting until the new paradigm was birthed.  Somewhere inside of them, they hold the knowing that they came here to be a part of this new paradigm, and here they stand somewhere between the collapsing of the old and the birthing of the new, but it is just too long and too slow in unfolding.  Imagine being forced to be a part of a system that you know you came here to collapse, how demeaning, how futile, how purposeless, how powerless would that feel.

Feeling Stuck

Compounded with feeling stuck in an old reality and losing sight of the new one, they find themselves running out of hope and patience.

Keepers of the codes

Many people who hold the awareness of the new reality feel alone, how overwhelming to not know of the millions of others; I call them keepers-of-the-codes.  They hold inside of them, deeply embedded in their consciousness, divine light codes that are being activated now.  Many of these people see repeating number synchronicities and have been for many years.  11:11 and 144 and 3:33 to name but a few.  They have DNA that is being activated in accordance to these light codes and they in turn act as catalysts for others to awaken and receive light code information from them.  There are many of them in varying stages of awakening, some call themselves Starseeds, or Wanderers, recognising that earth is not their home but a place they have come to, to be a part of the process of ascending from the old paradigm into the new one.

The easy part… and the not-so-easy part

Knowing that you are not born for the old paradigm; it’s easy to recognise and understand.  The world doesn’t make sense to you, it never has.  You see through the illusions that have the masses entranced.

The painful part is that the new reality is not yet birthed and for many people, something in them thinks that it should be.  Because it should be!  We have taken a massive detour in order to completely rewrite the script of our future and to co-create a new reality that surprises even us.  But this detour has cost us time and it’s easy to become disheartened and think that something has gone drastically wrong, or that the new reality may never even arrive.  It was meant to unfold in earnest in 2012, here we are 6 years later, still waiting and feeling even more disillusioned than before.  What if the people never wake up, never realise that they are being controlled and brainwashed, and will never see that they are actively perpetuating the old reality.

Feeling lost and hopeless

It’s easy to feel small and helpless when confronted with the cold stark truth, that human beings will fight, they will defend a system that enslaves them, they will refuse to become conscious to preserve their outdated beliefs.  Realising what humanity is up against is overwhelming and it’s easy to feel powerless.

The paradox of staying alive in system that is dying

It’s the paradox of knowing that on the outside we still burn fossil fuels, yet the inner self knows that a wormhole can transport you through both time and space in a matter of seconds.  It’s the paradox of knowing that on the outside we use money to buy things, yet the inner self knows that we live in an abundant universe where every need can effortlessly be met for everyone.  We live in a thriving universe yet are destroying this world and calling it, the cutting edge of the modern era.  Something can only be wrong with this picture.  Many people have reached a place where they can no longer be a part of the system that they know they came here to transform.  But it is too slow now.  It has reached that point where the old paradigm can no longer be perpetuated and for many, suiciding out of it seems like the only escape.  Staying alive in a dying system takes every piece of energy they have.

Straddling both worlds

For people like me who can straddle both worlds, life is easier.  I can easily and eagerly step into a new reality when given the opportunity, I won’t look back and I won’t miss the old.  But I can manage the old reality and play by the rules, I see through them and am mostly unaffected by them.  Its undeniably inconvenient, seeing through the illusions that others defend has become a familiar place, but I know that I am able to sustain my energy here and I’ll share with you how and why further on.

The tiredness sets in

There are many who can’t.  There are many who know that their consciousness is quite simply incompatible with the old consciousness and they are depleted from trying to fit in.  Exhausted from trying to belong to a world that was never theirs and understand rules that can never make sense to them.  And mostly, they are tired.  Tired of waiting for humanity to wake up and look around them and realise that they are entrapped and perpetuating their own enslavement.

So what to do?  Read below for some handy tools to have in your ascension fatigue survival kit

Ascension Fatigue Part II – The Survival Kit

What to do

Ascension Fatigue cannot be fixed by sleep but rather by connecting to new paradigm now (not in the future).  The very thing that has caused pain for the ones who have been waiting for the new paradigm is that they can sense it and have always been able to.  They have always known on a very deep level that something was inherently wrong with the system that the world around them normalised.   That is a gift not a curse.

1) Figure out where the new paradigm is

It is not outside of you.  It is inside of you, it is a living part of your DNA, encoded into you and awaiting activation.  You hold the keys to it inside of your very consciousness.  It is not something external although we will eventually see it externally, it is a template that your consciousness conforms to whether you know it or not.  There is nothing to learn but much to remember.  There is nothing to build outside of yourself, but rather begin to focus all your efforts and energy on becoming an embodiment of consciousness and potential; YOUR consciousness and potential.

2)  Connect with like minds

I have found a great support in watching disclosure TV such as www.samadhispeaks.com/gaia-tv where I found phenomenal heart-warming, soul lifting conversations taking place.  On the link above I’ve listed some of my favourite shows, the ones that reminded me that a new reality is not only inevitable, it is happening right now, we may just need to adjust our focus.   It was one thing seeing through the matrix of illusion, but it is another thing to see what lies beyond it and to make ourselves open and available to that.

3) Social Media

I’m no fan of people being buried behind a computer all day, but for those who spend time on social media please make it worth your while.  Join me on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/samadhispeaksglobal where I’ll introduce you to information and groups that are aligned with co-creating a heart-centred place for us  to first practice in and then take out into the real world.   Your welcome to message me and ask me what groups I’d recommend for you.

4) Connect with you

Since we are here to embody the new paradigm, rather than wait for it to appear before us, we have to embody it first.  Meditate daily, spend time in silence and if you battle please download this free meditation www.samadhispeaks.com/free-meditation for a great way to learn to access that inner stillness.  The first few minutes can feel a little bit long as you shift gears from a racing frenzied mind and depleted energy-field, to a zooming-booming consciousness and a quietened mind.  It gets easier as you go along and by minute number 10 you should be well on your way.

 5) Connect with pure consciousness

Create time everyday to cultivate a state of conscious connection to you.  It could be 5 minutes a day of watering the garden or walking down the street, whatever you do, do it silently and consciously.  Feel the aliveness of the awakening world that has been here all along, waiting for you to access it.  Do you see?  It was never that you were waiting for the new paradigm but rather, that the new paradigm was waiting for you!

6) Find your samadhi state

Samadhi, in it’s simplest translation means “at one with” and represents unity consciousness, it is a Oneness of being.  This is the new paradigm that we are all entering into and we are doing it together.  Find what makes you feel whole, it could be an art class or cooking a dinner for friends.  Maybe it’s the wholesome feeling of creating time for yourself, nurturing you and remembering that your body holds the keys and the codes to awaken the new paradigm first as a living embodiment of you and then (…and only then…) as a place where we all live.

7) Join the monthly samadhi meet-ups

Where I’ll be hosting a free monthly webinar, offering you a guided meditation, techniques and insights that will be practical and applicable to your journey out of ascension fatigue and into active Ascension NOW.


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