Personal declaration of independence

I recently recorded a YouTube clip in which I talk about consent and how imperative it is to learn to say no. How imperative it is to see what was once difficult to see, what cognitive dissonance cocooned the human psyche from seeing, and exercise their God-given right to say no and thereby collapse what they once helped co-create.

There is a personal responsibility each human being needs to take, for what they unknowingly said yes to even though their consent was extracted through manipulation.

There are many people who will tell you that we should not say the word “no” because it is negative and the universe will not hear you say the word “no” and it will instead create more of the very thing you are saying no to.

That is very misconstrued information.

The universe is not a computer and by the above description is sounds a little bit like it is, where it is only capable of answering to the input you give it regardless of your intent.

The Universe is not stupid, it is a divine living field of intelligence and it does not speak English, it is however fluent in the language of energy and it will feel your intention so please trust yourself and the universe to meet at the point of your intention. Our English words are often clumsy but try not to get lost in them because there is a far superior dialect and it is not the spoken language but the universal presence that feels deeply into what you bring to the present moment.

We desperately need to say the word no and not be afraid to use it. No is an expression of power, it is a declaration of our free will and without using it we are offering our tacit consent.

I am aware that there is a school of thought that says one should only focus on what you want to bring in to creation, but I want to tell you that this is a misrepresentation and the twisting of a truth, in order to suppress the rising up of humanities true power. Please do not think that the spiritual community has somehow been free of nefarious infiltration because it has not, it has had more imposters than you might dare to think, and the only barometer of truth is YOU.

Feel what your inner being speaks to you in the silent moments of your sacred-neutrality, which is a calm, divine state of awareness. To learn more about that field of sacred neutrality please see Your Powerful Presence and connect to the power of your silent conscious breath and hear the communication that is not delivered in words but in the delivery of your all-knowing presence and simply be with that presence. It will tell you everything you need to know, and more.

When you do not say no to something, and have already participated in it, then you have agreed even if by tacit consent. The revocation of your consent is imperative. It is what breaks the spell of manipulation and aligns you to your truth. And most importantly, it is what leads to the eventual collapse of the old distorted reality we once partook in.

Thereafter, and only thereafter, can you effectively begin to say YES to everything that you do want. Spend a little time first clearing out everything that is no longer in alignment with you so that you can start from a blank slate and not create the confusion of leaving tacit consent in place. Tacit consent is the very loop hole that has been used against unsuspecting, well intended, spiritually minded people who have trusted the half-truths shown to them by some who deliberately bated the spiritual community, knowing their mindset was one of purity, of wanting to do good and be good and see good in all that is. That was seen as a weakness and exploited so feel free to check within yourself, and if you are called to rise up and dare to say NO to that which is no longer in resonance with you, then I have set out below some examples of how to say no.

You might care to watch the following for more info on tacit consent:

The Law of the Boomerang

the follow up recording is this one in which I expand a little more on that idea:

Two Realities Posing As One


My personal declaration of independence:

An example of removing consent to the merging of AI with your biology. This agenda is rapidly becoming an overt campaign to insert microchips/nano-tech/AI into humanity. Feel free to change the wording as it suits you. This is my example only. You can share your version on the comments section.

I did not incarnate here to be anything other than an organic natural expression of pure universal love. Let me say that again: I incarnated to this body in order to be an organic natural expression of pure universal love.

I see the intent to create a cyborg race and I do not consent. It is my divine right to say no to your plans and I am exercising that right, I note that your plans include the severing of the human being from their consciousness and the attempted replacement of that divine connection with artificial intelligence. I see all of this and I am calling upon the Supreme Creator of All That is, the Divine Intelligence of the Universe itself, and all in Creation, to witness this declaration of my free will.

I am saying YES to living a life wherein the golden age of technology is revealed to humanity offering age reversal and full restoration to the divine human blueprint. This age reversal restores full functionality to the divine human body, including the full recovery of the human connectivity to source, and the full restoration of the mind-body-soul complex. This golden age of technology requires no physical input into my (or anyone’s) biological form, is 100% benign and is driven by the consciousness of our divinity. It works in harmony with humanity, it is pure, it is only my own consciousness serving my form, as it is for each person, an extension of their own consciousness serving their physical form.

I place my awareness on the fullest activation of my light body state, full integration with the unified field of consciousness that is pure source, the restoration of my inner Christ-Sophia alignment and participation in a New Earth based on love, trust, freedom, sovereignty, and imbued with the divine connection to the supreme intelligence of the natural universe.

I say yes to this or better, in accordance with natural law and the honouring of my free will. So shall it be. So it is. It is so. Thank you.



Another Variation of asserting your sovereignty is the following revoking of soul contracts and agreements


  • I am here in this life in order to ascend in consciousness, density and form
  • I hereby call forth all agreements that were made in or outside of this incarnation that no longer serve my ascension.
  • I hereby remove my consent from ANY agreement/contract that kept me vibrating at a low frequency.
  • I hereby irrevocably revoke these agreements and break all vows that supported these agreements.
  • I call upon the Universe to witness my free-will in action.
  • I refer to the agreements that have impeded my spiritual growth and acceleration in consciousness. The agreements that have prevented me from remembering who I really am, how powerful I really am, how magnificent and divine I really am and how connected to the universe and all life, I really am.
  • I no longer consent to my energy being drained, used against me, or used to feed any negative agenda. My energy is my domain and I hereby take ownership of it and claim it as my own resource. My energy is directly connected to the One Infinite Source of all creation and we are free to co-create.
  • I accept that once my energy is no longer being utilised by others and is no longer curtailing my free advancement into unbounded and elevated consciousness, that I shall begin to youth, rather than age, and to progressively gain fluidity and flexibility in my body. That vitality and divinity will always be mine to claim and fuel my life with.