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Join the Plasma Light Tribe today to become a part of a community of consciousness who have heard the call to gather. The Tribe consists of people from all around the world who have chosen to step into higher levels of authenticity and embody their highest truth, whilst being given the space to accept their humanness more fully, eventually finding the divinity in it. The Plasma Tribe is a sanctuary space where you interact with your divinity, not because you are perfect, but because you are present and discovering how to connect with yourself as truth. We are a group of humans discovering the profound freedom that arises from stepping into the power of personal responsibility, knowing that this sacred space is our container in which we gain the necessary tools to be able to tune into the true self and embody it. We connect with the Galactics who are a group of beings, 5D and beyond, who you will come to know of as yourself in a much higher form, we are all Galactic beings, and the Plasma Tribe is your space to remember that.

What do you get as a Plasma Light Tribe Member?


Access to our live online weekly calls held at a different time each Friday (times change so all time zones get a fair chance)

60 to 90 minutes long
Week 1: Deep Dive Q&A
Week 2: Soul Readings for volunteers from within the group
Week 3: Meditation and connection with the Galactics
Week 4: A topic given to us by the Galactics.


All calls are recorded and added to our library of content which you have immediate access to upon joining, included in this library are numerous meditations and activations.


Is an online room that you can enter at any time, it’s a silent room so no texting, talking or conversation is allowed and simply by clicking to enter the space you will be met with the energy of Zero Point, which is allows for a supreme stillness to wash over you. You may sit there in silence, practice presence or meditate whenever you feel called.


As an invitation only opportunity, after at least 6 months to a year in the Plasma group, you stand the opportunity to join THE GALACTIC GROUND CREW which is an elevated level of personal and planetary ascension support. This is the space for those wishing to be grid workers or service beings, to train up to be the Galactic Ground Crew, connecting with the Galactics and offering opportunities to take on higher level training, eventually even teacher training and opportunities to enter the Galactic-Earth-Star-Council.

If you want to purchase a two month membership for a friend, please purchase a $66 gift card for them HERE
Only purchase this if you want a two month membership for yourself.
If you are already a monthly member, DO NOT purchase this.

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