Deep Relaxation 2 – Mind

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Relaxation of Body
and Soul
are three separate events that will combine into one interactive experience of self that serves to align you with your Highest Intelligence.

This Highest Intelligence is always conscious, has always been conscious, holds all the memory of who you have been and will be, including who you are right now. It knows everything in your entire Akash, in fact, it directs the occurrences that register in the Akash as your life experience.

You can interact with this Highest Intelligence; it is infinite, and it is waiting to work with you directly. It is both a part of you and a part of the Universe simultaneously and is aware of itself as both.

This Highest Intelligence is the consciousness of the God-Spark that exists within each of us.

Deep Relaxation teaches you how to align your physical body by learning to relax all the tension and trauma and you have held since before birth. This is what we will cover in the “Body” meditation whilst in the “Mind” meditation we will be having a deep and intimate conversation with the brain, restoring it to its rightful place so that your Higher Intelligence can begin to show up more fully. In the final meditation, which is the “Soul” meditation we will be learning what it is to relax into ourselves as energetic beings, creating a more intimate relationship with the energy bodies.

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5 reviews for Deep Relaxation 2 – Mind

  1. Dee Bogan (verified owner)

    This is an amazing tool for me when my mind is too busy to sleep. I am able to thank my ego and take control of the chatter. I highly recommend trying this for that ultimate relaxation of the mind.

    • Kerry K (verified owner)

      so glad you enjoyed this Dee, hugs and love

  2. Sandra van Eijk-Rodrigues Lima (verified owner)

    Another wow meditation! I feel so blessed to have met Kerry and to have joined her Plasma Light Patreon . I highly recommend this meditation as well. I will definitely practice 1 and now 2 in order to keep myself expanding. How appeasing is to deeply connect with our bodies and soul and truly being…. Being the Real Light- a“preceptor”. Mind & body surrender, heart shine! Bless you Kerry. Gratitude always.

    • Kerry K (verified owner)

      Heart Shine! I love those two words, thanks for sharing your heart shine with me!

  3. Lily Jonsek (verified owner)

    Like all of Kerry’s courses and meditations, the Deep Relaxation trilogy is simple but extraordinarily profound. Deep Relaxation of the Mind kicked off a challenging 6 week healing process for me that led me to a connection to myself I’ve been seeking for years. Months later, I’m still sinking deeper and deeper into true relaxation on all levels. It’s not just about relaxation though; it’s leading me to embody who I really am.

  4. Sarah Ulhaas (verified owner)

    I am in charge of my thoughts now (mostly) and my mind that worked so hard can take a break. Knowing all is well and I got this.

  5. Michelle Sullivan (verified owner)

    I’ve listened to this multiple times, but today feels like I’m truly letting it in for this first time.

    And I’m in acceptance of those prior times I listened as perfectly imperfect as is (just as I’ll view this current experience the next time I go deeper, feeling so glad I didn’t give up. And knowing I never will give up on ascension, no matter what.

    To be feeling this depth of divinity, the Truth of Me being in charge of human me, well, it’s indeed everything & ever-deepening.

    My gratitude grows as infinitely as I do.

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