Inner Child Healing

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The time has come to be with your inner child, to heal them, love them and be the adult that they are proud to become.

This event is by donation only. Your donations make my world go round and your support, no matter how small, bolsters me in a way that far exceeds the monetary value. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

With love and gratitude
Kerry K

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1 review for Inner Child Healing

  1. Candice16 (verified owner)

    The tears! During call #136, Kerry did a soul healing. I learned that it wasn’t my love relationships that needed healing so much as it was a deep feeling of unworthiness stemming from my childhood, which was effecting a number of other things in my life. Wow! I remembered seeing this meditation in the shop and I knew that I needed to try it to continue the healing that started during that call. The healing went so much deeper than I could’ve imagined. I saw myself first as a young child maybe around the age of 5. I was grappling with feeling lost and not understanding how people could be so unkind. I felt misunderstood and unloved by my family as they laughed at me. Then, I saw myself as a preteen being rejected by my father. The tears flowed as I held and apologized to these 2 little beings. What a relief to comfort and hold them, rocking them into safety, worthiness and love. Thank you so much for this profound healing and for giving my inner child access to the truth after all these years. I know many people run away from this deep-seated pain but this is exactly what I had been searching for. I knew there had to be a key to healing the disfunction. This is it! It’s the healing you didn’t know you needed.

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