The end of duality

In case you haven’t yet seen the simple truth at play in our current global reality:
There is a war going on, and it is between the dark forces and light forces of planet earth and covid 19 is the smokescreen.

Some might ask who is winning in this covert war between dark and light. The answer will vary upon the minute and the day because both sides are in an all-out battle.

But Kerry! Words like “war” and “force” are old paradigm words, concepts like “good vs bad” is an old paradigm concept. 😱
Yes, this is true, those words do belong to an old reality, but it is one that I am not shying away from. Here’s why:
It is important to see what is playing out in the hologram. It is a very necessary conclusion (crumbling) to a reality that we have been dismantling for quite some time now. Whilst we as lightworkers were dismantling the old we were simultaneously creating the new and even embodying the new. Way to go lightworkers!

It is possible to see the old without partaking in it, in fact your sacred neutral observation facilitates an even more rapid conclusion to it.

As lightworkers, we are here to contribute to this collapsing, but not through denial, nor avoidance, nor bypassing, nor the sugar-coating of reality to make it more palatable. Rather, through the invocation of the profoundly-creative-powerful-space of sacred-neutrality. Through doing this we contribute in a way that is far greater than ever imagined.

You become highly influential to what is currently playing out based on your perspective to it, your perspective becomes your relationship to it. A perspective of denial feeds the old, as does fighting for any cause, yet being in your sacred neutrality creates a zero-point field where the dissipation of polarity can finally occur.

Each one of us therefore has far more co-creative power than we dared to imagine. I call upon you to use that co-creative ability with consciousness now. The old reality was populated by people in avoidance, denial and bypassing and this is what perpetuated it. As we bear witness to the final collapsing of an old reality, we are being called to step into active, conscious, co-creation where we draw upon states of being such as presence, acceptance, and neutrality to do this.

In fact, presence, acceptance and neutrality become three keys to personal and planetary transformation when we understand how to wield them. Presence is the ability to be in the now, acceptance is the ability to see what is, and neutrality is the ability to allow what is, to be. Thereby freeing you from being magnetically drawn into duality and finally liberated from it. Unity is your essence, grace is your nature, freedom, sovereignty and oneness are not things to fight for, but things to reclaim.

with love
Kerry K