When Guru’s fall

When Guru’s fall, masters appear

Judgement is the last stronghold of the old consciousness, it is the thing that perpetuates separation and the thing that people use to assert superiority. Even seemingly conscious people who forget that they’re still human, they use it. Good people use it. Well intentioned people use it. Judgement becomes discernment as we evolve beyond the need to diminish others and beyond the need to elevate ourselves through demeaning others.

In the past, people have asked me why I don’t call people out on their behaviour, particularly those who assume a guru type status over others. It’s just not for me to do because those who boast about their superiority are saying more about themselves than I ever could. Of course, it’s not to say that this is the nature of the guru but I have witnessed. The greater point being that the time of guru’s is done, the end of an age is nigh. We no longer get to deny our spiritual power and appoint it to another. There is no blame upon the guru for we needed them at a time when we were too disempowered to assert our spiritual authority, which is a personal authority and an autonomy under which we as sovereign beings can operate.

I used to do Bikram yoga and I loved it. I was addicted in the best possible way and still yearn for some intense hot yoga classes. At my time of doing Bikram, my now thirteen year old was just three, so I just couldn’t go and do the teacher training that I wanted to. I am now so grateful at how perfectly designed that was.

I watched the Bikram documentary on Netflix this weekend. It’s called Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator and while watching it, I realised again, that every guru must fall and every human being alive must come to realise that they are the master they have been seeking.

We will rise. None higher, none lower. Even those who may embody higher frequency will know that the only difference between them and others is the level of embodiment, nothing more.

With honouring to those who took on the role of guru
With honouring to those who denied their own mastery and are daring to step into it now

in love
Kerry K