Your Skeletal Structure

Your Skeletal Structure: What’s stored in your bones?


Sometimes I don’t know where a talk is going to go until we’ve gone there. I’m in the flow or the moment and it’s all just running through me, divinely plugged into my soul’s cosmic blueprint where all the info comes from and off I go. I had a starting point but where we ended up took me by surprise. The starting point was entitlement and expectation.

Boy oh boy!  It’s so easy to spot in others, but much harder to see when it’s much closer to home. It takes grace and humility to see it and let it go.

After a few minutes of flowing with divine truths I felt that familiar rising of energy that I often feel when I get do these live calls, it feels like a rising of frequency to the point of transcendence. I feel myself speaking words that I know in the moment but couldn’t have thought of before. It’s the familiar flood of divine presence that I give voice to when I run my online community calls. After the transcendence of working through entitlement and expectation, I found myself being steered to somewhere I couldn’t have imagined …


Right into the skeletal structure!



Because so much is stored in the bones and it’s the deep-seated, hidden stuff that sits there.  You know when people say “I feel it in my bones” they’re saying that they feel something in the deepest part of them, because that’s where your bones are.  Deeply burrowed into the core of you, but so deep that you forget they’re there, full of all the buried, suppressed and undealt with things.

Your unconsciousness pushes a lot of itself into the skeletal structure and so, in a sense, they become the junk yard of unclaimed trauma and unhealed baggage. No wonder we start to ache as we get older, it leaks from the bones into the joints and our bones can even become brittle as we become inflexible from holding onto old pain for so long.




This is why a lot of people experience ascension symptoms of aching joints, even dental issues, and general stiffness. They say it makes them feel like they have “old bones” but really what they’re feeling is all the core wounding and the deeply buried stuff being discharged.  That’s a natural process that will occur as we head towards ascension, but you can certainly help it along!

It’s imperative to discharge energy from your bones.  Here’s my suggestion:

Flood them with ripples of consciousness by visualizing and feeling higher frequency rippling into them.  Then let them do what they’re designed to you – hold you up – with your thanks and gratitude.

Think about it, your bones hold your fundamental structure and they’re conscious and hold consciousness. You have to support what supports you. I happened upon this message (below) that a tribe member sent to us after doing the skeletal meditation that I shared with the Plasma Light Tribe.  It was this message below that prompted me to send you this reminder today:

Send consciousness into your bones, your foundational structure is being rewired and is undergoing metamorphosis that will continue all the way into ascension.


This is a message from tribe member Julie, after watching call #134

I just watched the live call replay #134.
How did I miss this one?
I was amazed, shocked and humbled to realize that I too had unreasonable expectations oftentimes. I’m now determined to fix that.
And the meditation felt absolutely amazing, almost addictive forming (smile/heart)
I so appreciate all the time Kerry puts into helping us to understand ourselves better and to connect more fully with the Divine Light within and all around us.
And I so appreciate Kerry’s assistants who have helped me out.
I love you all and I am so Grateful. and I am so Blessed to have found you all.


Thank you Julie
We love you too and are so grateful for your presence with us!

To members of the Plasma Light Tribe, find Call #134 in the Plasma Live Call Library.  Join us today and be at our upcoming live call where we will be doing a deep level of healing inside the body.

From my heart, to yours I hope you feel it

Kerry K



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