Meeting Your Unborn Child


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Meeting your unborn child – preconception

Before you were conceived and long before you incarnated to this world, you knew that you would be here and who your mom and dad would be. In spite of this well-planned fusion of soul families most of this connection remained hidden from memory, but what if you could have done it differently, what if you could have come in consciously to parents waiting to greet you and consciously escort you into this world. You can do exactly that for your unborn, unconceived child.

In this audio meditation you will be guided to a sacred meeting place where you will connect to the child who you have yet to conceive but would like to meet. The timing is up to them and you’ll affirm that when they are ready, you are the open portal through which they’ll enter. Feeling the union and connection is empowering, enlightening, and assuring to those who feel ready to have a baby and bring that soul in consciously.

This can be listened to by both parents, either together as a couple or as single individuals wanting to connect with their sacred soul child.

Moms who are waiting to conceive might enjoy and benefit greatly from Womb Clearing

With love
Kerry K

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