Home On The Inside

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Be bathed in the pulsating universal light of new earth, greet that which you are becoming with conscious awareness and feel what it feels like to welcome-in the YOU that you came here to be.
This inner journey is an experience of higher vibrational conscious, each of us will feel the imprint of our soul signature energy merging with us and actively guiding us to reach beyond the veil of illusion, and into the authentic wholeness of who we are and always have been.
Our higher selves are waiting for us to come home to the truth of we are and always have been, to engage fully with the authentic self, to reveal the authentic self and to joyfully shed the illusion.

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4 reviews for Home On The Inside

  1. ryannickyaustin (verified owner)

    Home on the inside is an amazing meditation.
    So many participants had a profound experience during the life meeting on the 1st June..
    Kerry has a great gift to make one feel held, loved, encouraged and nurtured.
    This meditation will have a huge impact on your consciousness, just let go and let Kerry guide you into your own journey.
    I highly recommend ‘Home On The Inside’

  2. Ryan Austin (verified owner)

    Kerry is a Phenomenally Focussed Sharing Caring Soul. Thankyou Kerry♥️🌈🇮🇪

  3. Lori Kurtz (verified owner)

    This is a deeply expansive meditation. Kerry wraps you in a cocoon of love. From there you journey into your sacred self; the Presence of Infinite Source. Stillness. So beautiful. Thank you Kerry K. 💖

  4. McCartan (verified owner)

    An absolutely wonderful meditation. I would highly recommend it! It has been extremely expansive and beneficial for me. Kerry is wonderful!

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