Land Swim Give Away


Let’s go Land-Swimming, a Guided Meditation with the Dolphins and Whales. Join me for an incredibly unique experience where I will be facilitating a telepathic communication and soul connection, between you and the wise ones of the deep.

The dolphins and whales are our star family, here on earth to hold resonance for us until such time that we can do it ourselves. At that time, we will meet and see each other for who we really are, taking the masks off metaphorically, greeting each other and experiencing a reconnect.

If you feel you are not “advanced” enough for this content, I assure you that anyone who is willing will be perfectly capable of following along, each at their own pace, with no one to compare to.

For those who are deeply tuned in, you will get to meet yourself through their eyes and reimagine who you are as they remember you to be.

Come and play in the deep of your own multi-dimensional, infinite nature.





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