Meeting Your Soul Family: The Replay

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Our soul family are the non-earth-incarnated members of our soul lineage, often from other stars and other dimensions.  They have been with us, silently witnessing, respectfully observing and holding us in love.   We chose, for whatever our reasons, to be the ones who incarnate here and with that many of us experience a deep seated sense of loss-of-connection to that family/tribe and a sense of being isolated and alone.

Until we did the work of first connecting to ourselves we did not have privy to the connection with our soul family for we would have misunderstood it and so as a collective, we have initiated the process of connecting with ourselves.   With that officially in place, we can now begin the celebratory process of building a bridge of reunion, shedding tears of joy, and feeling our hearts expanding with relief and knowing that our soul family was waiting for us and not the other way around.

Please journey with me as I guide you through a sacred-soul-satisfying-celebration to reunion with our soul family.  This is an experiential process and each person present will be held in a divine transmission, allowing us to reconnect, reunite and return to the wholeness of our soul family.

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2 reviews for Meeting Your Soul Family: The Replay

  1. Yolanda

    Dearest Kerry

    How do I thank you?

    You have made it possible for me to participate in one of my most cherished longings by supporting me to fundamentally grasp the outlandish concept of ‘Home’ and to connect with that which is ‘Out There’.

    It was a tough and very emotional experience for me and from the outset I felt shifts taking place, leaving me with much to integrate.

    I have felt homesick, lost, forever abandoned and unwanted for as long as I care to remember.

    Sheets of gunk splintered off the seemingly imperfect, inadequate yet wholly complete me (I would later discover) as I kept holding on to Acceptance prompted by your guidance into meditation, allowing the waves of mental agony, emotional pain, judgement, guilt, blame and frustration crash against my ingrained illusions.

    Thank you for having held us all in love.

    I could find some remedy for the many layers of suppressed and unexplained trauma, cold isolation and debilitating fear that haunts me daily. I realized that I shut down, withdraw and implode on myself with the aim to punish or put right the many ‘wrongs’ of what is simply misunderstood, misdirected and misqualified energy.

    I had no idea what to expect and that served me well.

    I could see an outline of silhouettes but vaguely so.
    With your guidance, as my soul stepped into my body, I felt a strong awareness of additional support which for me invoked the imagery and presence of Goddess Isis and The Holy Mother Mary.

    Then later as I was lifted and buoyed into the air I clearly heard being told ‘you matter, you are worthy and you truly are never alone’.

    I sobbed like the vulnerable and frightened little girl I remembered neglecting in the feverish pursuit of being pleasing to others and trying to control every outcome but never learning to just Be. I had essentially abandoned, isolated and devalued myself and the hostile universe I inhabited mirrored this right back at me, incessantly validating my every projection.

    I now know it can be no other way.

    Eventually, I stopped running. There was nowhere left to go.
    I had come face to face with my Self, my Soul, my Essence.

    So this time I hugged myself tight and reached out to my broken, exhausted Heart and Soul. Stitching up lifetimes of pain. Healing came looking and found me. There is no fixing of others, there is only ever loving yourself. From this departure point, everything changes.
    Suddenly the universe has your back, all the time, every time.
    Your universe is all about you and every other subsequent emanation is the result of the relationship you have with yourself.

    It can be no other way.

    I am raw but I am well. Travelling the spirals of inquiry and acceptance compassionately.

    Slowly, steadily, beautifully, mercifully, forgivingly.

    Thank you for your loving guidance and that you deeply care.
    Thank you for this gift and for graciously showing up for me.

    In honour and love..

  2. Yolanda

    Thank you.

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