Sitting in the God Self

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Sitting in the God-Self is the rekindling of ancient memory, a birthright, a truth of who we are.

Join me, Kerry K, as I guide on an inner journey to the centre of your truth and an experience of who you are beyond human.

4 reviews for Sitting in the God Self

  1. Annemieke

    It was a wonderfull experience to be in a space and feel the unity of the whole. To feel bigger than ones self, like I was blooted like a balloon. Feeling a giant heartbeat. Very peacefull and loving.

  2. Nicky Austin (verified owner)

    It is a beautiful peaceful meditation. , I highly recommend this soul /oversoul/God connecting experience.

  3. Nieves Perez (verified owner)

    It is an Amazing Journey of expansion fo Self Awareness and Blissful Wholeness within… I Absolutely highly recommended to connect deeper with your SOURCE of Origen. INFINITE LOVE…

  4. Jennifer Hawley

    This meditation Centered me. Empowered me … It’s truly Expansive. The energy carried me throughout my week. You can ” feel” the Energy of the others whom also participated. What a beautiful gathering. I highly recommend THIS meditation to anyone whom chooses to expand & grow. This meditation is calming & peaceful yet invigorating. Enjoy. 🙂 💗

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