Triple THREE Gateways – December 12 & 21 Bundle


Attend both events at a discounted price.

There are THREE triple THREE Gateways in December 2019.
The first one being 3:12:2019 (3:3:3) and there are two more that have my awareness, you’ll hear about those in the video snippet below.

12 DEC 2019 and 21 DEC 2019 are monumentally important, bringing with them energy fields we have not traversed before. They’re intense, they’re what is driving our current realisations, and life paths towards those realisations.

I am compelled to create sacred space on both days, online as always, for those who wish to attend. We’ll have meditation, conversation, stillness and energy recoding. Please attend if you feel called to be there but watch the short video below first, just to make sure.

You can book for one or both days (12:12:2019 as well as 21:12:2019).
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Each event will cost $22 per person or book for both days at $33.

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