Dragon Riders Part One

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In this course you will be introduced to cosmic and galactic history pertaining to dragons and their very important place in the natural worlds of our Universe.

Throughout the Universe, Dragons are known, loved and revered.

They are service beings, protectors of humans, here to maintain harmony, cosmic order and natures divine balance. However, they can not interfere with our free will and have been in a stasis, awaiting our awakening so that they can resume their collaboration with us.

They have a very special role of interfacing with divinity and the elemental worlds (nature in her most alive form) and making both, available to humans.

In January 2022, the dragon collective roared to awaking, caused by the combined effect of humanity becoming more consciousness and our galaxy being in the midst of an ascension wave.

They have called humanity to return to their rightful place, upon their backs as powerful cosmic co-creators. We are the dragon riders and we are being called.

Come and join us for part 1 of the Dragon Riders series. Over the duration of this 6 week course you will be learning how to become more intuitive, meet your dragon, learn about the nature and wonder of dragons and how to interact with them as well as align with your highest nature, as a Dragon Rider.

Part 2 of the Dragon Riders Course will take place in June 2022. More details about that to follow.

3 reviews for Dragon Riders Part One

  1. Sarah Boyd (verified owner)

    Amazing class I have reclaimed my sovereignty in a bigger way then I could have imagined ✨️ stepping into my whole self reconnected with my old friend and shrouded with so much love and we only finished 3 classes lol thank you Kerry K I am so greatfull to you and all the tribe members much love

    Sarah Boyd 💜

  2. Anna McKee (verified owner)

    Have no doubt that this course will take you on the journey of a lifetime! Dragon Riders isn’t just whimsical exploration of magical lands far away, it is a profound journey that starts with your innermost truth and power and completes with a dragon led flight to your soul and creator. Those that participated are forever changed by this experience…you will be too! ✨

  3. Michelle Sullivan (verified owner)

    Quantum Leap is the perfect way to describe the ever-reverberating effect of this Sacred Course.

    The growth of not only who we truly are, but it’s emBODiment/the ability to BE who we truly are took a Quantum Leap in my ability to help usher in Heaven on Earth, as I transform while allowing the transformation of my own fear into love/peace in ways I never even thought possible.

    I’m so happy for all of us who bless ourselves & the world with this remarkable gift, the greatest gift there is.

    And this review is coming from someone who thought she couldn’t be helped by Anyone other than herself & Source, much less to this Quantum Leap degree … that continues soaring to new heights with each passing day.

    I only hope that Kerry feels my gratitude because words fall so incredibly short.

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