Activate Your Wings

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The fallen angelic template has been restored, and with it the possibilities for healing and the re-emergence of the divine human have been made probabilities in our timeline.

For eons, the angelics have worked to restore their divine blueprint after rogue entities within it deviated from their original path of pure service to humanity. This restoration has finally been completed and marks a turning point for humanity.

Once again, we have connection to the purity of Source Consciousness held in the integrity of beings who were designed to remember, so that we could forget. The angelic realm reminds us that great travesty can take place, but we are all encoded to remember, ultimately and eventually. The journey has been long and arduous, but we are here now, at the threshold of remembrance, and the angelic have returned in their full glory to walk beside us as we activate our once forgotten divinity.

With the restoration of our divinity, we anchor the phoenix light into our bodies, as emblems of new life born from the ashes of the old. Never again will humanity walk under the veil of forgetfulness, we who step into this activation now, become heralds of a new human, fully merged with the unforgetting self, ready to catalyze humanity into their divine remembrance.

This is a 6 week course. During these 6 weeks you will undergo your restoration of your divine template, the recollection of the lost aspects of self, divine activation and recalibration to restore DNA codes of divinity for you and all humanity, connection to pure Source consciousness, remembering the original self.

Course requirements

In order to attend, you only need to feel an inner “yes”, there are no pre-requisites in terms of past spiritual work because each participant is going to be met exactly where they are, working from their base point, to meet their highest next step. Some attendee’s will never have meditated before and others will be advanced teachers, the course does not rest on anyone else’s merits, only your own ability to meet yourself in the now and to evolve from there. There is no comparison with anyone else’s journey because this journey is personal to each participant and able to meet them as they are. You are required to carry yourself with integrity and respect for the sanctuary and privacy of all information shared at this event.

Online logistics

For those who are not able to attend live, or perhaps have an unfavourable starting time, you are most welcome to watch the replays. You are encouraged to be at the live events that you can comfortably attend, but replays are there for everyone, much of the content you might want to revisit at a later stage in order to integrate more deeply. By default setting, your camera will be turned off, you are encouraged to put it on so that we can all celebrate each other’s physical presence, but you are respected if you prefer to remain off-camera.


5 reviews for Activate Your Wings

  1. lenora GGC (verified owner)

    What an amazing course! I have taken several courses with Kerry, and this has been beyond activating! The aliveness I feel from this is the embodiment of my divine self in each cell of my body, and expanded outward and inward. Words do not even come close to this return to my angelic human self. Immense gratitude to a Jerry for an exquisite return to true me. To fully alive me. 💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Sher Buikema (verified owner)

    Wow! This experience was pivotal! With this support and guidance, I was able to bust free from the prison of self-judgement and imagined judgements of others, dissolving remnants of defensiveness I was holding. I feel catapulted into a new level of freedom to authenitically be me, thereby emerging into a new level of love for self, our tribe and humanity! I highly recommend this course.
    Feeling very grateful! I love you Kerry & Galacic Family ♡

  3. Praveena Boodhoo (verified owner)

    This course is my absolute favourite. The level and depth of healing and activation that was covered was something I never felt before.
    I found the pace perfect. The meditations and activation on a whole new level.
    The name of the course is only the tip of the iceberg, the golden nuggets and gems that this course brings is beyond the physical brain and the lateral mind.
    I am also enjoying listening to the replays.
    Thank you to Kerry, the Galactics and all the participants for this mind-blowing class.

  4. Marion Selzer (verified owner)

    Without exaggeration I can say that this course has taken the connection to my true self to the next level! I feel like I am in love with myself, embedded in loving consciousness and more ready than ever to spread my wings. Thank you so much to Kerry K and the Galactics – such a great and activating inspiration for me.

  5. Michelle Sullivan (verified owner)

    There are not enough stars to assign to this and ALL of Kerry’s offerings of pure gold.

    I’ve deepened my ability to live/be the Truth of who I am/all Is more powerfully than I could have ever imagined. – & I’ve only just begun. Each step I take deeper into me is like infinity opening up even more infinitely.

    It feels like my biggest challenge has been my self-confidence. And now, even That is strengthening.

    It feels like quite a miraculous thing to watch myself grow exponentially right before my very eyes. And oh what a feeling it is, this joy-filled & quiet peace. Already I wonder who was that scared-to-death-of-Everything me that once was?

    And the full story of Humanity slid right into place with my experience of merging with Truth that I’ve not had all the “fill-in-the-blanks” for until now. Feels full-circle.

    I feel even closer to my highest self/source consciousness and am realizing how much we’ve already been in communication with one another… & am now embarking on a more conscious communication.

    Thrilling this ride is.

    Grateful beyond grateful for Kerry to be here, shining the light on my/all of our our path.

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