What is a Spiritual Awakening? Everything You Need To Know.

What is Spiritual Awakening and how do you know you are having one?

I have been a spiritual teacher for most of my life and yet, never have I seen so many people questioning what a spiritual awakening is. I am not talking about religion; I am talking about spirituality – the connection to your divine essence that gives meaning to life. It can be very disconcerting when your world is turned upside down and you do not have the words to fully articulate what you are feeling and what is going on for you. In this article I will share my experience of knowing myself as a spiritual being for most of my life and through that, offer you a guide, a road map of sorts, to assure you that you are not alone, you are not losing yourself and that you are about to enter one of the most exhilarating times of your life that will leave you forever transformed.

what is a spiritual awakening

Firstly, go through the list of 16 symptoms below, do any of them apply to you?

  1. are you seeking a deeper meaning and purpose to your life?
  2. do you feel superficial without it?
  3. do you feel different, as if you do not fit in?
  4. do you experience life in a unique way that others cannot always relate to?
  5. do you long for a place called home, even if you cannot name it or know where to look?
  6. do you long for a place where you belong, where harmony and humanity co-exist?
  7. do you feel a sense of restlessness here, as if you are waiting for something big to happen?
  8. do you sometimes gaze at the sky, entertaining its vast life filled presence?
  9. do you connect with animals, nature, or children in a way that most others do not?
  10. do you feel things very deeply, with a sensitivity that few others can understand?
  11. do you sometimes have answers that you wonder where they came from, there are things you know without knowing?
  12. do you feel or see energy?
  13. do you long for the day humanity wakes up from the dream and remembers that they are love, do you feel like you are biding your time until then?
  14. do you live for the day when everyone knows that the superficial world is a lie?
  15. do you get a sense that there is another family beyond your known human family, somewhere out there?
  16. are you frustrated that so few people seem to realise what is really going on and are you sick and tired of trying to show them?

You are not alone!

If you answered yes to at least half of the list above then you are very much not-alone, you are quite likely already a deeply spiritual person or the realization is dawning on you that you are. This will become more and more undeniable and unavoidable as you go on. Sometimes if questions seem too deep and complex and as if there will be no answer, we tend not to ask them, but these questions and thoughts you’re having about the deeper meaning of your life will simply not go away no matter how much you can’t answer them, try not to answer them, and even avoid looking at them. This is like a nagging friend who just will not go away no matter what you do.

Seriously though, I hope you don’t have a nagging friend, but you get the message, this is one of those unavoidable things that won’t leave you alone. At least, not until you have looked at it.

Spoiler Alert

Once you have looked at it, it’s still not going to go away, it’s going to get bigger.


Because it is who you are! It is your nature and anything that is real that is denied will eventually surface over time. It is just the nature of truth and yours is unavoidable. Having said that though, this need not be a daunting thing.

Let me tell you why.

Because gaining a sense of who you are as a spiritual being will finally give you context and meaning to your life and answer a craving you did not even know that you had. It is sort of like drinking water and realizing that although you’ve drunk water before, this water is somehow different, it’s the only thing that has ever quenched your thirst and now that you’ve had it you feel so completely renewed and revived and above all, satisfied. Now that you’ve had a taste of the waters of Spiritual Awakening, it will want to grow inside of you and continue to water the fertile and rich soils of your inner landscape.

Realizations from your Spiritual Awakening

Until you connect with your spirituality, you may feel disconnected from life but not even know it. How this could look is that you may have been going on about your life as if all were normal, if you are honest about it you’ll know that there was always a nagging but ignored feeling that something was missing. In this disconnected state there is a pervasive emptiness to both your life and to the very nature of existence. You may have looked around you and quickly dismissed your yearning for more when life is set up with movies, billboards, magazines, and marketers who will quickly tell you that all you’re looking for is the next designer fragrance, romantic partner, holiday, paycheck, circle of friends, and the like. All these external signals were (and are) set up to reinforce one message: that the most abnormal of situations was/is perfectly normal.

Disconnection is not normal, and it is time you knew it!

It is not normal to exist in a state of disconnection to your environment, that includes your foods and the air that you breathe. It is not normal to perpetuate the disconnect through being self-absorbed and calling successful. It is not normal to crave love and imagine that a chocolate bar will fill the need. Whilst that might sound plain silly, reality is set up to distract you from what you really want by glamourizing what it tells you you want and making that appear infinitely better. We were taught to betray our inner voice at a young age and to listen to the authorities in our lives. This is not bad, it’s not good, it’s simply how it was, and the truth be told, it’s how it was meant to be.

Why was it meant to be this way?

Looking at how perfectly tailored to self-denial and disconnection our reality was, leads to the most important question of all. Why? You might already know the answer but if not, I’ll elucidate. You were meant to forget who you were.

You came here on a mission

You came here, to planet earth on a spiritual mission and you did not come alone. You meant to forget all that you were and all that you were a part of so that you could be a part of the amnesia-filled experience of being an Earth Human. An Earth Human forgets who they are at birth and spends the rest of their lives trying to remember. Something in you is remembering or you would not be reading these words. Something in you has most likely been remembering for an exceptionally long time but it was never fully the perfect time, until now. Now is where you are being called to awaken from the forgetfulness and remember that by coming in as human, you could help wake the others up. It is through your spiritual awakening that you bring others to the same and it is because others before you have awakened, that you are being called now.

Your mission is to remember who you are.

And you do that every time you connect with yourself, with silence, with your breathe. Here is an immensely helpful practice that I taught my Patreon group some time back. It’s a three-part series that takes you from connecting to your body in deep relaxation, then to your mind where you learn to switch it off and finally to your spirit where you get to experience the ultimate culmination of all these steps and enter into a unification with your soul. I have called the series the Deep Relaxation series which some people will think does not sound spiritual enough, but I assure you it is more than adequately going to give you an experience of who you are as a spiritual being. Through the long-forgotten art of Deep Relaxation you will reconnect with your innate wisdom, and that’s the gold you’re looking for!

You are not losing yourself.

Sometimes a person going through a spiritual awakening can feel that they may be losing their sense of self or sanity, yet, instead of losing yourself you are going to be gaining yourself.

So, who are you then?

You are a divine creation of God-Source-Consciousness, and it is time that you knew it and lived it. The implication is that you are a masterpiece because what else would a master creator produce? In the process of taking on the Earthly Amnesia, you forgot that you were created from perfection, by perfection, and began to highlight and hyper focus on your imperfection to the point that you became tainted to your own divinity.

What is imperfection then?

Imperfection as we experience it, is a symptom of feeling disconnected from God-Source-Consciousness aka Perfection.

How do we reconnect?

This is solved when you reacquaint yourself to the place within you where you can connect to your divinity. I call this place the God-Self because each one of us in creation is an aspect of the creator, not separate to, but a part of. Life taught humanity to focus on their failings, cover them up, get distracted by external materialistic superficiality and success and become ever lost to a cycle of shame and forgetfulness, never daring to rise into the masterpieces of divinity they really are.

If you feel called to experience your divinity more, come and join my plasma patreon community where we connect in a live weekly call to facilitate full body experiences of spirituality and take your spiritual awakening to your next level. I’ll introduce you to my Light Tribe who will remind you that you are indeed very much not-alone in your Spiritual Awakening, and they’ll share it with you.

With love,