The Third Trimester of Pregnancy – A Guided Meditation



In the third trimester of pregnancy, we focus on clearing ancestral karma and emotional debris, creating clarity and space for your baby to blossom. We connect to the God-Spark energy of the baby which is a connection to the soul resonance of the father and to the Goddess-Breath, which represents you in your divine feminine, you will experience these two coming together in explosive light to form the divinity of your child. The more you connect to that divinity, the more you bathe your child in it, the more freedom you are giving them to simply be themselves, fully.

There will be moms who listen to this meditation who are in love with their babies’ father, and those who are not. The beauty of this space is that it allows each mom to create more light in that relationship to the father, clarity through the ancestral lines, karmic clearing, and the creation of space, clarity, and ease.

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